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Ontario sheds 59,300 part-time jobs in January as new $14 minimum wage begins

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1 hour ago, Dazey said:

Who I not only voted for but also committed a criminal offence in the process for your benefit! :lol: 

What, you voted for him in a tartan skirt? :lol:  Its not an offence anymore duckie, not unless you got no drawers on and a following wind.

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Here's a recent article on the matter as experienced in Australia:



- Moving to a higher minimum wage isn't without it's difficulties, but in the case of Australia, has not resulted in the doom and gloom that many anti-minimum wage critics claim.

- According to the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration, Australia labour codes state "that if an employer was unable to pay a living wage, it was not entitled to operate a business. A living wage was defined in the decision as being sufficient to permit an unskilled worker, a dependent spouse and three dependent children to live in "frugal comfort.""

- Despite having higher minimum wages, Australia is competitive amongst developed nations.

- Side benefit of higher minimum wages: reduce burden on tax payers and the state to supplement low-income earners.  

- There is a transition period where higher minimum wages result in pain for a certain segment of society; but these negative consequences are generally negated by the gains made.

- A single minimum wage is too blunt to be effective; instead, consideration should be given to occupation, local living costs, and industry.  This is accomplished in Australia through its Modern Awards program.

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