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Which concerts are you listening to the most?

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The only shows I have on my iPod are the Apollo Theatre, Inglewood and the second Vegas show. For whatever reason, the Apollo show is my most played.

I've got a lot of love for Philly 2012. For me it surpasses a lot of the 2010 shows just how well Axl sounds. Not overly raspy and enough grit to make tunes like You Could Be Mine enjoyable.

Rock Am Ring was something I played extensively for years but haven't listened to it probably in well over 4 years.

I'd been listening to Osaka 2009 last year, as it'd been ages since I'd last checked it out. Songs like Patience sound vastly superior nowadays imo.

Boston 2002 was an old favourite. It took me years to truly appreciate Rock In Rio III but there are definitely some moments of gold on there.


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Arg '93 is probably the only Old GnR show I listen to regularly.

Aside from ritz 88 which I played way too much when I first got into guns, the majority of other AFD/UYI gigs sound idk, a bit flat to me.

Other than that, HOB 01, Bucharest '10, Vegas 2 '16 and Forum '17.

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5 hours ago, GoForJMark said:

damn his voice on Better sounded like it was from '93. 

It does. That's, for me, the best Guns N' Roses show between 1994 and 2015. By far. Current Axl (or even AC/DC Axl) can't even be compared to the level he had in 2010. 

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On 2/18/2018 at 1:19 PM, ludurigan said:


san diego 88?

never paid attention to this one

just found a clearly speeded-up version of Brownstone on youtube

then found used to love her from the "LOUD MACHINE" bootleg that seems to be "speed-corrected"

seems to be very good!


is that the one you been listening?

or do you have another version?


very interesting info from GNRONTOUR.COM


02.08.88 - Montezuma Hall, SDSU, San Diego, CA
opening act: T.S.O.L.
set: It's So Easy, Move To The City, Mr. Brownstone, Out To Get Me, Sweet Child O' Mine, Used To Love Her, My Michelle, Rocket Queen, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Welcome To The Jungle, Nightrain, Patience, Paradise City
encore: Mama Kin
audio/video recording?: audio
notes: Before 'Move To The City,' Axl declares, "It's a loud fucking place!" Before 'Mr. Brownstone,' Axl says, "You wanna go dancin'? You wanna go dancin with me? My name... my name is.... my name is Mr. Brownstone!" After 'Out Ta Get Me,' Slash says, "Hey you fuckers that grabbed the fuckin' guitars man... just fucking wind the fuck down. If this ends up sounding like shit you end up looking like a dick to a bunch of fucking people!" Axl then says, "well wind down on this, this is 'Sweet Child O' Mine'" Axl introduces 'Used To Love Her' as "something new." Before 'My Michelle,' Axl asks, "San Diego...is this one of those so-called cocaine cities?! Well, oh yeah, this is crystal meth city, I'm sorry! Well I did some of that about a week and a half ago... did a little blast, was up for 4 fucking days! I was taking like 3 quaaludes and a bottle of Nightrain, I couldn't come down for shit! Called up my girlfriend, "Hey douchebag what's happening?" She didn't like that too well at all. She told me about it like a week later. Anyway, this is for the crystal meth and the cocaine heads, this is a song called 'My Michelle'" Axl then asks Slash for a rolling intro to the song. 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' is dedicated to Todd Crew and "The Champ." Before 'Welcome To The Jungle,' Axl says, "I've changed my opinions about some things. One of them being MTV. Hey look dude, we've been number 2 or number 3 all week on there!" Before 'Patience,' Axl says, "They say they've got this 11 o'clock curfew, so I don't think we'll leave the stage right 'till we have to. Rather than go off now then come back in 5 minutes we'll stay up here for 15." Axl introduces the band after 'Patience,' then Slash introduces ‘Paradise City.’


If Axl "timeline" is correct, his cm intake happened right before the ny limelight show in 1988, which was 8 days ("about a week and a half ago") from the san diego 1988 show. so was axl on cm during limelight 1988? and maybe "still up" ("4 days" later) during ritz 1988?

It is indeed the one I've been listening to. One of the most underrated GN'R boots of all-time, imo. My favorite performance of Rocket Queen ever, honestly. Just perfect.

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I haven't listened to anything old in awhile. Listened to the LA Forum and Apollo shows recently. Apollo is better than I remembered.

Not Guns but, for any AXL/DC fans I've been listening to the Cliff, We Salute You bootleg from Philadelphia. Great show and high quality sound.

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France '92 for the epic Civil War

Tokyo '92 for Estranged.  Purple blazer for daysss

Hammerstein '06 for TWAT (I was there and still can't believe it). 

Hartford '17 (I was there front row!)

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