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07/09/18 - Chorzow, Poland - Stadion Slaski

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7 minutes ago, denitza said:

I realized that maybe not everyone knows who nergal69 is, so I edited my post :-)

Thanks@Denitza, i have vague memory that Negral band was quote in thread about the GNR gig in Poland the last year.

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On 7/10/2018 at 5:18 PM, Tom-Ass said:

It is because he sounds like shit sometimes and but the live experience can mask that. Not just for him but for any rock musician. There is so much going on at a live show. It is so loud, so much saturation from the PA and the instruments, the crowd singing a long in harmony and the excitement. It is very easy to overlook imperfections. These cell phone videos are a fair representation of what he sounds like.  The Pro Shot videos are even more telling. He just can't sing in certain ranges anymore and it comes off unflattering at times. I saw 3 shows this tour and I could hear when he did and didn't sound good. Some shows were better than others, it just is what it is.  Overall he can still perform good enough for the shows are a success and go over well which they have been for the most part. 

I think this is a fair estimate. He doesn’t hit the high notes quite like he used to, but in the deeper range he can still roar just like he did in his heyday.

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Yeah, overall it was a very good show ! There were some low points regarding Axl's vocals, those songs were as usual Better, 2nd half of Estranged, RQ, YCBM, TIL, Yesterdays, Coma, maybe Paradise City. But the rest was freaking amazing !

First 5 songs, Slither, SOYL, Don't Cry, UTLH, Nightrain, Patience, Maddy? Come on, he puts on a very good or great performance on those songs.


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