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How do you feel towards Axl Rose these days?

Which of the following best describes how you currently feel about Axl?  

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  1. 1. Which of the following best describes how you currently feel about Axl?

    • Admiration for making amends with Slash and the reunion
    • Disappointed at him for "selling out"
    • Angry at him for his half baked idea of a reunion
    • Frustrated at his lack of ability to put out new music
    • In awe that he has managed to front both GNR reunion and ACDC

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On 4/16/2018 at 2:20 AM, RONIN said:

Unpopular opinion here but probably closer to the truth than most would care to admit. Unless through some miracle Axl releases a boxset from that era to prove he wasn't completely tapped out creatively.

Had he not released Chinese Democracy - the "legend", while battered, would still be intact. He sort of outed himself and his creative exhaustion with that album. His big problem is that he has this iconic brand (GnR) that he can no longer evolve because his tastes have become diametrically different from his audience. GnR fans may sit through an Andrew Lloyd Weber ballad but they're not going to be game for an album full of songs like Prostitute's outro. And I think that's where his head has been at since the late 90's. Has this changed since he's potentially doing something with Angus? Maybe. His China Exchange interview makes me think the side project w/ Angus is more about him working with a childhood hero and less about the music. A fun one-off and nothing more.  I personally don't think this guy wants to crank out hard rock songs anymore. Hence, the radio silence re: new music.




CD isn't a bad album IMO but it's so wildly inconsistent and when it came out, it was incredibly dated. It's a lot like Duke Nukem Forever in some ways. That game would've been cool if it had come out in 1998 as originally planned and no one would hate it. If CD came out in 99/2000 as Axl seemed to originally have wanted, it would've been relevent and a good album. Not GREAT, but I'm sure it could've done 5-6 mil in 1999 or 2000 and have a better legacy. But coming out in 2008...It felt like some relic from the late 90s/early 00s, and it made Axl appear...bland and vacant as an artist.


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56 minutes ago, Order of Nine said:

I'm well aware of the line ups. Chinese was the only material that was released, there is alot more material. If that sees the light of day or new music is worked on or a bit of both is used is what remains to be seen. 

I highly doubt Fortus and company won't be featured on a new recording, they have stuck by Axls side and they think highly of eachother. So possibly In a few years you might have to eat your words.

Oh yeah, if my grandma was not dead she would be alive :question:

:lol: :facepalm:

I don't care about "eating my words" because I'm not into a ridiculous competition where I don't want GN'R to progress and never release music again. I hope they will and I have no idea who's gonna be the personnel of said music.

I am merely stating the fact that it was only the early nuGN'R lineup who wrote CD and supposedly all that "unknown" material locked in the "vault" since ancient times; the current hacks did nothing.

However, if Fortus & company get to put their claws in a future GN'R album and even if the whole original lineup would get together and write, that material will never top what they released in the 80s & 90s. Unless a miracle happens, their prime is long gone.

1 hour ago, Order of Nine said:

Regarding Izzy, hasn't he released like 11 albums since Guns? Where are all the timeless and memorable songs from that catalog? Yes he was great working with Axl and company, but Imho none of the past alumni has been close to having ONE song that is of the caliber of a Guns release.

What does Izzy solo career have to do with this discussion :question:

When I mentioned him above it was strictly about his time on GN'R. Six years when he did much more than all the years combined of all the hacks together.

As for the alumni, I think it is stupid to say that they couldn't make a song of the Guns caliber because HELLO, Guns is Axl-Slash-Duff-Izzy-Steven. Of course, they couldn't replicate. Neither Axl could replicate Estranged, SCOM, WTTJ or Don't Cry with his nuGNR.

1 hour ago, Order of Nine said:

People seem to like Sorum around here, he is the epitome of a hired hand. What Guns song has he written music for??

BS. The epitome of a hired hand would be Ashba.

Sorum recorded the UYI albums and The Spaghetti Incident. That's a zillion times more than what Freese, Mantia and Ferrer ever did with Guns.

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