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AC/DC feat. Axl Rose | ROCK OR BUST (live) Multicam & Matrix Audio

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Okay, so is this going to be released on cd?

I checked amazon.com and they only have the cd with Brian.

I would definitely buy this if/when it is released.

Wish GNR would release a cd/blue ray of their reunion tour.

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Yeah, it's amazing how Axl can change his voice to match AC/DC's music.

I recently watched the Las Vegas GNR concert on AXS and I noticed how different Axl's voice sounds with that version of GNR.

When I saw them over a year ago with Slash and Duff, Axl's voice sounded like he did back in the 1990's with the original GNR. I think Axl was holding back with the other version, but now he's back!

I really hope they release a cd/dvd for both Ac/DC and the gNR reunion.

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Axl nailed Rock Or Bust. So much powerful than the studio version. The first time I've listened Axl with AC/DC live was the proshot video of Rock Or Bust in Lisbon, and it was ten times more exciting than ever before. I've bought my ticket for the next gig right after that.

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