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Will AC/DC Record New Music With AXL ROSE? 'My Lips Are Sealed,' Says CHRIS SLADE

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I hope recording stuff with ACDC can motivate Axl to actually record GNR stuff and release it too. His ACDC run was killer for the most part.

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On 6/22/2018 at 2:42 AM, shocker said:

This album will be very different from anything we heard from AC∕DC. 

Axl`s influence will be very significant.


And of course Brian won`t be back. He`s over 70 and said himself that he is finished with AC∕DC.

Even if he could sing in the studio he is anubale to do a major tour.

Lol  Axl is an employee, he will have 0 input on the music.

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On 6/27/2018 at 10:03 PM, James Bond said:

People already doubted Slade because of his age before the last tour. Some fans will never be happy with him because he’s not Phil but that complaint would still linger with any drummer who isn’t Phil. Some just don’t dig the extra fills and pushed tempos.  I personally love Slade’s style and found nothing wrong with his drumming on the tour. Impressive stamina for a guy his age.

And he doesn’t stop. He’s still out touring with his Timeline band as we speak. Charlie Watts is older and still doing it so why can’t Slade? The guy lives for the road. As long as he is physically capable I don’t see why he won’t get the call first.


Impressive the way he plays for a man of his age. He comes across as a total gentleman too.

I can't imagine Phil ever being back in the fold, but hopefully he manages to make peace with Angus for all of that shenanigans that he was involved with. It was good seeing them all together showing support for Angus at Malcolm's funeral.

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