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New slash album - purely due to contractual requirements?

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On 6/15/2018 at 5:09 PM, angriestwhopper said:

I have a theory that slash has a record deal that specifically states how many albums he needs to release.

Therefore the only reason he is doing this album is to get out of the record contract to continue with guns and is doing this tiny almost pointless mini tour to promote it.

If he needs to do more albums I bet he then releases another boring live album then a best of slash album from all the other albums with Myles.

My personal stance is that the only decent album is world on fire for the music - Myles' voice sounds fucking awful on everything. Nasely whiner (but seems very pleasant as a person).

Todd is excellent though.

Wrong wrong wrong,  slash has paid for every solo album he's done and is his own record company. 

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