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GNR pinball makes RNR Hall of Fame Exhibit

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You know I love this!

Get your tokens ready and make sure your hands are steady: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is about to launch a new exhibit that focuses as much on the "roll" as the "rock." The "Part of the Machine: Rock and Pinball" exhibit will open July 11 at the Main Exhibit Hall of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, shining a light on all of the great music-meets-gaming collaborations.

The exhibit will be an interactive one, where fans will be granted a limited number of complimentary tokens upon entry to the Rock Hall to play the assortment of pinball games, with the option to purchase more tokens. Rock and pinball have crossed paths on many occasions, and for the new exhibit, pinball machines themed around Guns N' Roses, Alice Cooper and KISS will be featured. You'll also find machines centered on Elton John and The Who -- acts who both had hits with their takes on the song "Pinball Wizard" -- featured. And yes, even country legend Dolly Parton has a pinball machine. You can see that and others in the "Part of the Machine" display.

The Rock Hall will also feature assorted other items tied to the games, such as Peter Criss' drum set, Dolly Parton's dress that inspired the backglass of her machine, a Pete Townshend acoustic guitar used to compose "Pinball Wizard," an Alice Cooper electric chair prop from his 1971 tour and an Andy Warhol piece titled "Little Electric Chair."

Those attending the Rock Hall are encouraged to play, with the option of tweeting your high score using the hashtag #pinballwizard for a chance to be featured on the leaderboard.

For more info on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Part of the Machine: Rock and Pinball" exhibit, check here.


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I played the GNR pinball once, found one of them in Sweden a couple of years ago

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The proper version of “Ain’t Going Down”. I love that song, especially with the lyrics. I wish they would officially release it. I’m not talking about the instrumental version. Maybe they’ll release it with the UYI box set.

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