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14 hours ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

Of course HLN had some doctor talking about how Demi needs to realize she has a problem and needs to go to rehab.

They also said how she was in clubs again and partying and she can't do that.

I really can't stand these news people talking shit like they know her and what she should do about her life.

I just hope she does get the help she needs and takes one day at a time to stay well. it's a life long struggle and it sucks, but with good people around you she can do it.

Now I wish the news would stop talking shit and leave her be.

Awesome way to put it!

According to Slash's book, he kicked drugs alone in his room many times, but had to go to rehab when he was hooked on back pain meds. Slash must be a super strong person. Good for him, but it's not easy for other people. Slash's also lucky to be alive.

Yep, I m also very strong. I quit smoking every 2nd day... 

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Demi has cancelled her world tour to concentrate on getting better.

I know her fans must be disappointed, but Demi's health has to come first. I wish her well and hope she can conquer her addictions.

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