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Appetite for Distortion - Ep. 98 - Doug Goldstein talks Axl, Addiction, and Answers YOUR Questions

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On 14/01/2019 at 1:46 AM, lame ass security said:

Does anyone think Axl "seemed medicated" during his testimony?  It's been a long time since I watched it but I didn't get that impression.

axl doesnt look like his proper self onstage since the end of 1991 

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On 14.01.2019 at 1:57 PM, D.. said:

We do need to look further. If Axl was all hubris and greed, he would have released several generic rock albums like Slash did and used the Vault times and again to make easy money. He would have done countless interviews. He would have done so much more in the late 90's and 2000's.

If "Chinese Democracy" isn't definitive proof that Axl is patient and values quality over quantity, I don't know what is.

Also, Axl doesn't feel the need to go on the internet and give an interview to cleanse his name everytime he feels insulted, contrary to you Mister Alan Niven.

As for the jury, it's not a beauty pageant but a hypocrisy contest. If it was beauty we were talking about, Axl would have won, no question. Thing is, he was dead-on serious and honest. And was looking great. And the public doesn't like honesty so much, nor someone who looks too good, even to this day. They want to swallow lies from a fat pig and have the impression they are loved and told exactly what they want to hear. Nothing's changed in the past 30 years. Hence why Axl wasn't loved by this so-called jury. Fuck them.

As for Alan, he should just shut up and remain silent.

They all talk trying to get their own 15 minutes of fame and cleaning their name. Who was the real true talent that got everyone attracted to this specific band? Let's be honest, it's Axl. Sure the musicians were talented, but if it was not for Axl, I would never have cared for Guns n' Roses. He had everything going for him. Stop feeding off of this man's charisma and potential. He still has it, and he does whatever he wants because he can. He is legitimate.

All I hear from these producers fucks is "blah blah blah he shitted on me blah blah blah". Fuck off.



Out of likes, but I agree with you :)

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