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Guns N Roses Fan Club items from 1996

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2 minutes ago, soon said:

Ah, I see, thanks. I must have seen it around elsewhere too. Doesnt look like a current pic of Duff there either come to think of it. I guess it makes sense that Sorum was featured so heavily because the others were so scattered and preoccupied at that time. Sorum was one of the few who could shower, shave and show up for stuff like this at the time.

Yeah i reckon the other photos are from either the illusions period or 93 spaghetti incident era. Especially that photo of dizzy was i think was in the spaghet t i incident inlay booklet album......

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Just fantastic.

But hey, didn't GN'R formed with Ole Beich n' Tracii Guns first?

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Posted (edited)

Two things I memorized from this thread, "We've taken back control of our fan club, this fan club will be the most twisted sucker of your block and you deserve nothing less", and the 2 dollar coupon.

Come to think of it, it still sounds better than today's "Nightrain". At least you would get an interview with Matt Sorum in your mail. :awesomeface:

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"LIVE!!!! From "Burning Hills", California...

Due to overwhelming enthusiasm, and that "DIVE IN AND FIND THE MONKEY" attitude....

#1. There will NOT be a Guns N' Roses tour.

#2. There will NOT be an official Guns N' Roses web site.

#3. There will NOT be any NEW Guns N' Roses videos.

#4. There will NOT be any new Guns N' Roses involved merhandise.

#5. There will NOT be a Guns N' Roses Fan Club.

#6. There will be a new Guns N' Roses 12 song minimum recording with

three original "B" sides.

NOTE: If all goes well this will be immediately repeated.

#7. However*******Slash will not be involved in any new Guns N' Roses

endeavors? as far has not been musically involved with Guns N" Roses

since April 1994 with the exception of a BRIEF feel period with Zakk

Wylde and a 2 week initial period with Guns N' Roses in the late fall

of '95. He (Slash) has been "OFFICIALLY and LEGALLY" outside of the

Guns N' Roses Partnership since December 31, 1995.


Nothing here is Subject To Change


Of the "Pseudo Studio Musician Work Ethic"


W. Axl Rose

Big FD Ent., Inc.

Mike "Duff" McKagan"

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