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Rage 2

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Anyone get Rage 2?  How is it?


I can't seem to get a good read on it,  The initial reaction was good, but it's in freefall on Steam for no discernable reason.   I do know there is an issue on PC where the visuals look super blurry, but it can be fixed, and some of the negative reviews are people are slamming it over the blurry visuals, unaware they can be fixed with changing a few of the default video settings.   Outside of visuals, I haven't seen any kind of a trend in why it's "bad." 


Anyone played it?



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No I've not played it but it does look like a huge step up from the first. 

Gaming wise all I really want is Halo MCC PC and Nintendo Switch stuff but I'm waiting for a Switch Pro or at least a special edition console I like.

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