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When do YOU expect a new album to arrive?

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On the heels of the 32nd anniversary of AFD, let’s face the most painful topic – the upcoming album. Despite an awful retrospective of new recordings in a last decade, things seems to evolve positively this time – almost every band member confirmed that there are such talks, some material and also they’re planning a tour, which presumably is made for warming-up for music creation or even final recordings itself – Guns’ has a bad track of pieces falling apart while recording in a studio, so probably, this time they’ll do it “on the road”. Nevertheless, it is a perfect moment to start discussion about a possible release date – and to hope that this thread won’t stretch for ages.

Firstly, I’ll give my thoughts and then would be glad to hear yours. At first, everyone who expects the album in 2019 is too naive – there won’t be. Suppose year 2020 and beyond are far more logical assumptions and here comes the trickery. Slash once said, that he had material for the new SMKC record prior to a reunion, but was able to put it together only on a spring break of 2018. So, it took more than a half a year for SMKC to release an album from point of mixing’s start. Assuming Axl’s perfectionism and band’s ambitions, it’s the least time we could expect from Guns’ to put things right – and better to raise this amount closer to a year. And that not takes into consideration possible side-projects and spontaneous tours. Well, if they would sit to record stuff in the studio/on the road in late 2019, it’s argumentative to expect the album’s release in Summer-Autumn 2020. But, as we know, things can’t be simple with Guns N’ Roses and probably we’re going to experience some label disputes, recording issues etc., therefore, wouldn’t be surprised if the release will be pushed forward to Early 2021.

So, what I am trying to say, is that there's still time to pass for the new album to arrive and we need to be patient. At my point of view, the band has already gave us too much with their reunion tour and I am overwhelmingly grateful for that, so can give some credit for the nearest future. Anyway, I’m doubtful that they could pull off some new revolutionary sound, so for me it’s better them to stay strong and tight as a team, rather try to rush things and release just “something” as soon as possible. Though, even I have a breaking point at this contest and my deadline for them is early 2021 – if there would be no release date or even actual information on the album – they would have officially fucked up. Again.      

Positive Scenario – Summer-Autumn 2020;
Realistic Scenario – Winter 2020-21;
Negative Scenario – Spring-Summer 2021.

Everything prior to that, I would interpenetrate as a miracle. “A miracle we need” ©

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If this new rumor that 15 ChiDem leftover songs are about to leak is true, then I’d say the band would try to get the new album out ASAP to “bury” the demos.

i have a feeling the Antiquiet leak from mid 2008 had something to do with the album coming out before the end of the year, and having the track list that it had.

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A new album has been discussed to death. This thread also runs the risk of treading the same territory as the Unreleased Material thread, so I'm going to close this. 

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