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EA's Madden and FIFA scam exposed.

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Did anyone see this?  EA was outed for using an algorithm in Madden and FIFA mobile.  In a nutshell, your actual team ratings are irrelevant, all that matters is how frequently you buy.  The way I understand it to work is as follows:  Let's say that the system sees that I bought a wide receiver the last time they released one, when the next one is released, my current wide receiver will start dropping passes, or having trouble getting open theoretically inspiring me to buy the newest one.  This becomes a lot more telling/obvious when you have a team that is rated 106 getting it's ass kicked by a team that is rated 90 because they system knows the 106 will buy more players if they lose.  This renders the ratings actually meaningless.


It blows my mind this is a thing. I quite Madden mobile completely because of this.



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