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10/01/19 - Jacksonville, FL - Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena

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Shadow was great and he shared a mic with Slash again :headbang: This is just so epic to see, I can’t get over it

I have a mixed feelings about this tour. I am dissapointed because it brought nothing new, not even one thing. Last year they brought Shadow and Slither, in 2017 Maddy, Prostitute, Wichita, Black Hole Sun, in 2016 Coma... and now? Nothing..

But from the other side, I really enjoy watching these shows on YouTube and I’m happy to see Axl in much better vocal shape than on last leg. The shows are great and I would surely go if they were close.

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Towards the end of Slither during the "when you look you look right through me" he starts off with the deep voice then for like 2 seconds it was 90's Axl, then it cracked into Mickey. I wonder if its breath control or it just burns his throat. Either way no doubt in my mind he could still re create that classic sound in the studio.

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I thought the show was awesome.  Axl sounded great and the band was tight.  Among the best shows I've seen from them yet.  5 out of 5 stars!


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