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slash comes by axls house
slash: hi axl what you been up to?
axl: been writing new song
slash: what song?
axl: you know how hard its to be in school and i want to sing about that
axl hums tune and says couple lines
axl: to save what we haaad
slash: that sounds good
slash: i gotta go see you tomorrow

next day

slash: hi axl i inspire and wrote guitar for song
slash plays riff
axl: that sounds good you captured my sing well
slash: thank axl lets record this
axl: yes lets call duff and ready this song
axl and slash hug and say i love you brother to each one

new hit song is porn - the end


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Is it wrong that the first question that pops into my head when thinking about fan fiction is how many heads the author currently has in their fridge? 

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