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My Band: Vvlva (70s Hammond Organ-driven Hard Rock, touring Germany & Switzerland soon!)

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Hey guys, I hope it's ok to start a new topic, I also posted in the "forum member band" thread but I thought it'd be cool for you guys to leave some comments here in this specific thread if you want to :)

Here we go:

This is my new band, Vvlva: https://vvlva.bandcamp.com/album/silhouettes

Our new album Silhouettes will be released on Oct 18th. but you can listen to one song on Bandcamp already, it's called Night By Night.

As soon as the album is out, you'll be able to listen to the full album on any streaming platform etc. (or just order the beautiful limited marbled vinyl ;))

It's 70s soaked, Hammond Organ-driven hard rock, I also mixed the new record and I tried blending the Old School vibe with a sort of more modern (not really modern though :D) sound to get the "best of both worlds".

I've been in the band for a year now (I'm the drummer), so I'm not playing drums on the older 2 releases.

If you're from Germany or Switzerland and like this stuff, here's our tour dates (with Facebook event links):

18.10. – Aschaffenburg, Vvlva New Album Release Show - supp.: Daal Dazed
25.10. – Hamburg, Vvlva , support: Black&Lupin live at Bar 227
26.10. – Husum, Vvlva | Speicher Husum
27.10. – Berlin, Buddha Sentenza - Vvlva - Rising Dao | Zukunft am Ostkreuz
28.10. – Leipzig, Stö
29.10. – Weimar, 3 Years of OHM Vol.1: Vvlva | free show
30.10. – Passau, Vvlva | Finest Organ Driven Heavy / Psych Rock + The Dirt
31.10. – Olten (CH), Heavy Halloween: High Reeper // Crypt Trip // Vvlva
01.11. – Dortmund, VVLVA in Dortmund
02.11. – Oldenburg, Witch Sabbath Fest 2019
09.11. – Mannheim, World In Sound Happening / feat. Samsara Blues Experiment & more
20.12. – Würzburg, VUG + Vvlva / Dryad
11.01. – Frankfurt, Das Bett (Sky High Festival feat. The Sonic Dawn, more Info tba.)

Enjoy! And like us on FB https://www.facebook.com/vvlva/ and IG https://www.instagram.com/vvlva_band/

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I had a listen to your stuff, I thought it sounded great! Your production is very professional, your style reminds me of Deep Purple and Rival Sons. I would come and see you if I lived in Germany.

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That was legit as fuck

Very 70s. Cover is perfect too. Id see you too if I was in Europe

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Thank you very much guys, I'm glad you like it! The full album is out now on Spotify etc., it's on YouTube as well.

Also check out our new Music Video:

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