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13 hours ago, lame ass security said:

Dude, that's some great stuff.  

Thanks man! I will be putting more stuff up on there in the next week or so. Download and enjoy!

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18 hours ago, Jabberwocky said:

Bomb ass stuff as always

Thanks dude! New stuff coming this week on free download.

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After a week of mastering, uploading, creating cover art, writing lyrics and generally feeling like I am working two jobs, I have finished my EP. They are 4 songs that have been kicking around for a while; I have put two of them out before in a demo format, but they were pulled from SoundCloud last year in preparation for this release. There are a couple of places you can download the tracks, all for free, I will link and describe below, they can also be streamed if you prefer. 

If you enjoy the music and want to show some Facebook love, my page is here:


Tracks can be found here and downloaded for free: 


Alternatively, the MP3 versions of the tracks and the WAV Masters can be found here for download: 


The EP can be streamed on Soundcloud if you are into shitty quality:

And finally, for those that like to stream audio in a video format, the YouTube playlist is here:

There are options on Bandcamp to pay money for the music, I would rather that you tell a friend to listen, or like or subscribe to one of my various pages/channels etc. 

Anyway, enjoy the tracks; I am going to take a few days off...

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