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it's unbelievable how Axl is throwing away his career like this

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On 4/2/2020 at 10:11 AM, action said:

I just can not wrap my head around how someone with such a god given voice, does not feel the need to do something with that. Not even a covers album. If he doesnt have inspiration for new songs, why not do covers? there is no shame. The best ones made a career out of covers: the beatles, the stones, elvis... But do something interesting. What has he done in all those years? god for the most of these he was still in his prime: what on earth could drive him into lethargy like he did?

It's like, you're messi or something and one day you say: nah, I don't like football. I'll just stay at home with a couple of brazilians, and I'm going to do fuck all, and I'm going to do that everyday. Axl appears utterly dead to me. Who knows, he could be the funny guy at home and be a very loving person, but if you're an artist you're a public figure. That's just how being an artist works: people want to hear more of you, because you chose to enter that stage to begin with, but then you basically say fuck that, I'm changing my mind I don't like singing. It's like a joke without a punchline.

Messi still has the talent and strong legs. And  he is in very good shape. He takes his job seriously. He is a professional. Otherwise neither Barcelona nor other team wouldn't bother to keep him around. Axl on the other hand can't sing the way he used to. And he is in bad shape. Why promoters keep this tour alive?  I guess because people still buy tickets. I don't understand what movilize fans to buy tickets at this point. Last time I bought tickets was 2017. The new U.S. tour is including a show in Indianapolis. I always wanted to go to see GN'R playing in Axl and Izzy home town. But I'm not sure I would bother.  I ignored NuGN'R tours because I don't like CD. And that band wasn't GN'R to me.

Axl should call it a day. He has made a huge amount of money already.

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He should have found a proper cure for his mental illness instead of surrounding himself of leeches only interested in his money

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