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List of GNR TV Performances

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Does anyone have a list of all of the GNR or Axl related TV performances?

I know of

VMA Jungle, , Live and Let Die, November Rain, Nu GNR Medley

Your Crazy / Used to Love Her

MTV New Years YCBM and Don’t Cry


Farm Aid Down on the Farm / Civil War

Miami Sweet Child

Axl with Tom Petty

Axl with Springsteen 


Any others I am missing? 



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The Used to Love Her one, if its the one I'm thinking of, which it probably is cuz I can't imagine that got many telly plays, is my fav GnR telly performance that I've seen.

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Posted (edited)

The Ritz, February 1988 (taped for MTV)

Fox Late Show , March 1988 (live on FOX)

VMA's, September 1988 (live on MTV)

American Music Awards, January 1989 (live on ABC)

Farm Aid, April 1990 (live on TNN)

Rock in Rio, January 1991 (live on TV)

VMA's, September 1991 (partial - taped for MTV)

MTV New Year's Eve, December 1991 (partial - taped for MTV)

Freddie Mercury Tribute, April 1992 (live on multiple TV channels)

Paris, June 1992 (live on Pay Per View)

VMA's, September 1992 (live on MTV)

Santiago, December 1992 (live on TV)

Buenos Aires, December 1992 (live on TV)

Buenos Aires, July 1993 (taped for TV)

Rock in Rio, January 2001 (live on Multishow)

VMA's, August 2002 (live on MTV)

Rock in Rio Lisboa, May 2006 (live on TV)

Rock am Ring, June 2006 (taped for WDR)

Download, June 2006 (partial - taped)

Roskilde, June 2006 (partial - taped for MTV)

Reading, August 2010 (partial - taped for BBC)

London, June 2012 (taped for VH1 Classic)

Golden Gods, April 2014 (taped for VH1 Classic)

Rock in Rio, September 2017 (live on Multishow)

Download, June 2018 (partial - taped for Sky Arts)

Super Bowl Music Fest, February 2020 (partial - taped for FOX)

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Rock in Rio 2017

Download Festival 2018

Coachella 2016 I think it was webstream only, so it doesn't count

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