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Axl Says "Fall" Release For CD

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TOPIC: Axl makes surprise appearance on Eddie Trunk's syndicated radio show

DATE: May 5, 2006 around midnight

Axl Rose made a surprise appearance on Eddie Trunk's show on 104.3 FM in New York this evening. Sebastian Bach was a guest-host with Eddie, and decided to call up Axl on his cellphone. Eddie then patched the phone call into the studio so that Eddie could chat with Axl live.

During the brief chat, Eddie asked when Axl's new album would be released. Axl - hesitated - but then said "sometime this Fall or late Fall" - and "It will be out this year."

When asked about the band lineup for the upcoming Hammerstein shows, Axl said it would be most of the same people as the 2002 lineup -- except for one new person. However, he declined to name the new member. Eddie then invited Axl to drop by the studio, and about a half hour later, he did. Axl then reminisced with Baz about the early GNR days and other stories.

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