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Mick Wall Writes About Hammerstein Shows In Blog

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DATE: May 29, 2006

SOURCE: Mick Wall's blog

... Also saw the new issue of Classic Rock - though I didn't get sent that, never having been able to get on the mailing list. Well, why should I? I only gave most of the staff their jobs. Got a very good picture of Jon Bon Jovi on the cover taken by Ross Halfin, the finest rock photographer that ever drew breath. Check out his website too, it's much better than this one - www.rosshalfin.co.uk

Meanwhile a French magazine has emailed to ask if I would like to write a Guns N' Roses story for them, about their latest gigs in New York, which I happen to know quite a lot about, having snuck through the backdoor. Was very disappointed they didn't play 'Get In The Ring' in my honour, but then was pretty disappointed by the whole thing, actually. But hey, it's not really Guns N' Roses, is it? Despite what the poor deluded bastards who scream otherwise say. I mean, if Paul McCartney got a bunch of nobodies together tomorrow and called it the Beatles, would it mean it was the Beatles? (Whoever they are...)


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