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"Man On A Bull" .... From the New York Post

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This article appeared in the Oct. 29 edition of the New York Post's Page Six column.

Man On A Bull

October 29, 2006 -- SOUTH Beach revelers have found themselves a new party pal in Guns N' Roses front man Axl Rose. Witnesses at Miami nightclub Snatch earlier this week said the rocker rolled in with a few tour mates from Eric Clapton's crew and stayed until 5 a.m. His debaucheries included a five-minute ride on a mechanical bull and a saucy show from his girlfriend, who spent the night dancing on poles and bar tables. The next night at his concert in Fort Lauderdale, Rose told the audience, "I don't remember where I was . . . but I know it had something to do with a mechanical bull."


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