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  1. CONCERT: Lexington, KY

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    • I could be wrong, but I thought Axl said that all the additional musicians during the UYI tour were Slash's idea?
    • Not a fan of big "shows" myself. Unfortunately, for me, Axl seems to have always been into the bigger spectacles, with the horn section, flying piano, clothes shift, etc. Maybe to shift the focus from himself a bit. I am more with Slash on this, let the music speak for itself and just use the screens to show the band performing so the entire audience gets a good view.  Still, a silver lining to some of you: A residency or shows at the Sphere in Las Vegas would make a proper AFD reunion more likely. I'd give it a 50/50 chance of happening.
    • Perhaps is a good song. It's an album track. If it was on the UYI albums and never got a single or a video, it would be liked. it's liked now. It's not reinventing the wheel, it suffers a bit from Axl repeating the verse and the solo is good without being inspired. But it's certainly not a bad or boring song. it just suffers from being out there as a single and standalone track with all this expectation after years of build up, rather than released as a cluster. if it was part of a 14 track album released in november 2010 the song would magically be better. just how it is. 
    • Poor Slash! The guy just wants his analogue equipment and record albums close to live.  It must kill him to have a keyboard player using samples etc to thicken his guitar. Questions about digital guitar setups and AI etc.  +1  I just want to hear the band. If there must be a screen, I just want to see the band again n that screen.
    • Honestly, it makes no difference whether it’s Bucket or Slash playing these songs. It’s the songs that are terrible.  Perhaps and The General are both contenders for most boring GNR songs.  These songs are not good enough to be on a Guns album. I’m pretty sure there’s a reason CD2 never happened. 
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