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MYGNRFORUM is now a Non-Profit Fan Forum!


Happy to announce that beginning April 1st, 2015, MYGNRFORUM will become a non-profit fan forum.

What does this mean?

All revenues that exceed costs will be returned to the forum through various means and measures. The idea behind this change is that this fan forum community would serve its members by giving back. Any and all money that exceeds monthly operate costs would be held by me and used to fund various prizes and ticket giveaways. The greater the revenue, the more spoils to be shared.

Why am I doing this?

I purchased this forum a few months ago because I saw an opportunity to give back to the fan community that had given so much of their time, devotion, and in many cases, their hard earned money. While I'd like to avoid wading into the debate on whether GNR fans have seen a negligible return on their investment from the band, I would like to say that GNR fans deserve a little love. And I think it's ultimately going to take this community that gives it to them (or at least contributes).

Personally, I view this forum as a hobby and not as a money making venture for myself. Many before me have stepped up and contributed to the GNR community and I think it's my time to give back. We're launching a Members Lounge where those who decide to participate will enjoy and share any and all monetary benefits that this community generates. I think it's only fair to those who populate and contribute to this forum.

How this will work?

Pretty simple: sign up to the Members Lounge of MYGNRFORUM and you're automatically eligible for contests and prize giveaways. The more profit this forum generates the more prizes will be given away. I'll post on a monthly basis how much the forum made through membership fees and advertisement revenues as well as forum costs. Profits will accrue until we need to pay for ticket giveaways/prizes/contingencies/costs. Members will have a say on how prizes are handed out and ultimately what the prizes should be (having said that, myself and MYGNRFORUM's staff will have final say on these matters). The more revenue this forum generates, the more prizes/tickets will be distributed. It would be great the next time GNR tours we could give away tens if not hundreds of tickets depending on how much profit this forum can generate.

Is there a catch?

Well, sort of. While I am willing to turn over all profits from this forum back to the forum and its members, I am still interested in paying myself back the sum I paid UK Subs for the forum. I can promise that this will be done over time and over the longterm and I will make it known when this happens. Once I have recouped my costs of ownership (around $3,000 U.S. - this is a combination of what I paid Subs and operating costs over and above for the past three months of site operation), I will not be drawing on any revenues that this forum hopefully generates. And I reiterate, I plan on paying myself back over the longterm, meaning that little of the profits generated over the next 12 months will find their way back to my bank account. So yes, there is a bit of a catch, but I would hope that most do not begrudge me and consider it fair that I'd want to recoup my initial investment costs.

Ultimately, I want MYGNRFORUM to serve as the fan club GNR fans have so longly deserve but never received. It will be by the fans and for the fans.


Discussion can be found here: http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/211143-mygnrforum-a-non-profit-fan-forum/

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