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  2. Oh, I don't follow TikTok, but I think they have done pre-production (writing, arranging, demoing) but not actual recording/production yet. Maybe @MaskingApathy knows.
  3. The SMKC TikTok gives the complete opposite impression; lots of vids of them playing together in the studio (even with some new stuff heard in the background), and then the music video set up as well.
  4. What condition did he suffer from exactly in the 90s? He gained weight in the late 90s but I've never heard it was because of a specific health issue. Edit: Read your post wrong. He did gain a bit in the late 90s compared to the early part of the decade. He did a good job by 2000/1 of getting back in shape.
  5. I think that a CD type album featuring current and former "nu" members wouldn't have been possible even in 2016. Axl may have had that idea, but it wasn't realistic, because a reunion lineup - or, rather, a lineup with Slash - is not like any other lineup. Slash would never accept being just one of the guitarists on a GN'R album. I doubt that there had been any substantial discussions about new music at that point. Probably Axl just played Slash and Duff some stuff and maybe presented them with some ideas, they said something like, "Yeah, that's cool, we'll see," and that was all. That's
  6. This stuff is finally available in Canada and I've gone through a couple bottles. They also make a regular whiskey, which is ok, but the cinnamon kind is better.
  7. Eight short months later… Non-spoiler: it’s fucking awesome.
  8. Guns N' Roses - Going Down
  9. Overall a very underrated song IMO, I relistened to Living The Dream a couple of days back and this one really stood out!
  10. One of his recent solos that I enjoy the most is the one in “The One You Loved Is Gone” from Living The Dream. So I totally agree
  11. Too Much Too Soon is a very random tune….it’s actually REALLY catchy. 🤣
  12. Yesterday
  13. It’s the same problem Axl keeps finding himself in with respect to new music. With the passage of so much time comes changes in the lineup that makes releasing the music that’s close to completion (or done) difficult. I agree that had they released something within the first couple of years of the reunion there could be allowances for the inclusion of former nu-GNR members. But five years later? Anything Bucket/Robin/Ron/Ashba would need to be scrubbed and redone at this point, which adds to the delay. I’m not sure if Axl believed this, but I do know at one point a year or two ago that
  14. What are we considering really fat? If it's from the condition he was in the 90s or 06, his weight gain is considerable. Chubby is bring generous. Fair point on the metabolism, but you can't cut a rockstar with his resources that much slack. There are nutrionists who will map out a daily diet, personal trainers who will literally go to your house or virtual 1 on 1. There really isn't a valid excuse outside of health issues mental or physical. I'd guess he'll come back pretty close to how he left off in 2020... but who knows? I just care about his voice. The only reason I say he shou
  15. For me Slash always has his best solos on ballads for some reason. For a guy who hates them, he's really good at them, lol. SCOM, NR, Estranged, of course those 3, but listen to Back and Forth Again, Gravedancer (Ending), Back To The Moment, Battleground (Ending). I get goosebumps in all if them. For him to come up with something like Battleground, almost 30 years into his career, is incredible. Especially if you compare it to the junk most other 80s acts release as new music.
  16. So each week I go a day without something, a day without chocolate, a day without coffee, a day without a toke of the herb... Of the stuff I take a day off from, coffee is the hardest. I love a coffee and a cigarette....
  17. Since there isn't a thread for the Dallas show, I'll put this here... Would anyone in the Plano, TX/Collin County area be willing to give me a ride to and from the Dallas show? I would be happy to contribute towards fuel expenses and parking fees. I am planning to capture audio of the Dallas gig, so I would be able hook you up with a nice souvenir recording of the concert in exchange for a ride. I don't drive (by choice), and seriously doubt that any of my friends would be interested in going to the overpriced GNR gig. Please send me a PM if you can help me out. I would be willing to meet
  18. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-57532161 DL with 10k and yes in the rain is in full swing
  19. I can exclusively reveal that, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Use Your Illusion, Axl will be bringing back some of his outfits from that era. Yup, look out for a revival of the red Versace jacket and combat boots combo! And the cropped football shirt with kilt ensemble! The adorable 'Che Guevara joins a boyband' outfit from Civil War will be making a comeback too, and... ... just what you lot really wanted... ...loads and loads of tight white cycling shorts!
  20. They were never really "GNR" songs. The Garden, Bad Obsession and It's So Easy were written around the same time I think, West Arkeen was writing songs with GNR and the band kept the songs they liked, and performed the others so West could try to sell them. They're basically reference tracks. I agree about Too Much Too Soon, it's kinda like Move To The City meets doo-wop. It's weird but I like it, it could've fit well on an EP with stuff like Heartbreak Hotel or Since I Don't Have You.
  21. I skimmed through it and it really does sound like the soundboard copy that's been circulating since 2018. My theory is that this is a bootleg of a bootleg. Good news is, it sounds good, so that's the most important part!
  22. Don't think those would have been regarded as own goals before this tournament. Whoever happens to touch the ball even the slightest before it goes in, gets names as the one making the goal. It gives the wrong image imo. And it sucks for the one who really scored (even if the ball gently touched an opponent).
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