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  2. Does one of their kids design the Merch & Videos at home on their laptop? Guns are a complete Joke man.
  3. I like the lyric video. It fits the style of the band. Obviously, a real music video would have been much better. Either way, it was released a few months too late for it to make any significant impact.
  4. Interesting all the comparisons to SCOM. It's not the first time. Loving The Alien by VR has that high pitched picking all over it. He's done it before. To the trained ear you can hear that in several of his songs.
  5. Yes he is . We saw in 4 episode he is with the girl in the same house where the sniper was . Can’t be other
  6. Is this going to wind up as the Chinese Democracy of book releases? GRRM probably has the crown for this though. Said it before but the only thing I really care about is the post UYI years. I'll take any insight into what Axl was like that I can get. I'm surprised it's rarely mentioned how much Axl changed appearance wise by any of the guys. Also did Slash/Matt/Duff ever get the sense that Axl wasn't all there? It felt like the band was kept going while Axl was barely involved with the process musically.
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  8. I'm surprised that with all the songs they worked on from 1998-2000 Axl picked Silkworms to play in their first show back on 01/01/2001. Imagine if they went with Hard Skool instead? Also was it legit that they had Oklahoma on the setlist?
  9. It’s crazy that a band as massive as GNR can’t promote a single yet Slash’s other band absolutely nails promotion. If only Slash’s team were managing GNR… laughable really!
  10. Has Slash ever talked at length about his first conversation with Axl in 2015? Not expecting to hear every detail but it's always been that they talked and buried the hatchet but little else.
  11. Glad we've finally got a lyric video even if it is months after the initial release! Hopefully this is the start of a proper media blitz for the EP (honestly sad that the EP misses the Christmas sales period) As for the video itself... not impressed. Photos are cycled through way too fast. Also generally not fan of the plasticky CGI put out by that CreativeWorks team, no idea why they keep using them. Positives from this is it seems GNR and their team understand that they will have to play the media game to get the song higher on the charts.
  12. I don't understand why would a mainstream band want to release a lyric video for a song released two-three months ago, but... uhm... here we are. It's a nice video. I don't dislike it. It is what it is. A low-effort thing. A cool supplement for the new Slash song, I guess...
  13. Well, at least we're now sure about the lyrics - the "storm is lifting" line in particular. That's something
  14. Not to defend the band, but Isn’t there a school shooting every other week in the US?
  15. I could sense you starting to enjoy it across the pond. 😤
  16. Based on the comments here I was expecting something terrible. It's really not bad for a lyric video. It's miles better than the original Hard Skool video, if you can even call it a video. If there's not going to be a real music video for this song, this is the next best thing I guess. I get that people are frustrated, but at the end of the day this is better than nothing. We've had a lot of nothing from GnR and I wasn't expecting to hear anything from GNR this year. So this is a positive surprise for me.
  17. You mean the fight over efforts to reduce transmission? What partisan fight?
  18. I like the video. I thought it was done well despite some complaints on here.
  19. Huh? Why? Because "skool" is in the title and lyrics and the band's name has "guns" in it along with the logo? Should they have cancelled the concert in Orlando 2 weeks after the Pulse Nightclub shooting?
  20. Not much effort here, but better than no video at all like the Chinese era
  21. Still a minority here. And I really doubt about their hardcoreness.
  22. I literally laughed out loud. Well done. Anyone claiming they like anything about this video is doing it for the lulz.
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