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  2. a mixer sets audio levels, and may include simple EQ settings to tinker with. Grand pianos are usually mic'd up with two microphones, and this mixers purpose would be to balance out the two microphones to get the best sound, and looks like it sends out the signal to 6 different signal chains. It has no effect on Axls playing.
  3. I don't understand what thing happened about @Rovim post ? His post appear in my notifications email, he quoted to me, but now his post isn't show in this thread❓
  4. For me, it's new music or bust as a band. My interest wanes by the day. I barely even listen to Guns much these days. The non Guns pages of this forum are frequently more interesting. And I honestly am not sure that they can tour AFD indefinitely. And I'm not sure there is much "excitement". There's a lot of legacy acts but I can't think of one other with such a tiny discography. I've said this before on here but for me it is about legacy - they may have billions in the bank but if they never release new music they are murdering their legacy and respect as "artists". If they'd prefe
  5. I've always argued that 1997 may have been the best year for the WWF ever. It has Bret's best work as a character. Austin's best and most original work as Stone Cold. Michaels was great. It was the birth of the Attitude Era - but still relied on traditional wrestling programming and feuding. I hold it in high regard next to WWF '88-'89 years.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-55632782 India sets out the worlds BIGGEST vaccine roll out
  7. Yes, i suspect it, he has ulterior motives.... or maybe is a dig to Slash and Duff.
  8. I admire your willpower! I'd like to say I'm pretty set now. If I ever downsized now I'd like just move over to the DSL series and pocket the difference, but otherwise I think at this point in my life I'm in the Marshall family for good. For effects I've condensed to a single Digitech Whammy 5 and a Zoom G5n. Covers everything I desire on that front. Fortunately for my wallet I never got into the boutique pedal thing!
  9. I love there coloured cassette tapes well cool What did everyone buy 1 x pic disc 1 x red vinyl Red Yellow Grey cassettes
  10. I went through a two year gear drought after I got the Helix. Now I can't think of anything else I want. The Helix and Jubilee match up should cover everything. I just bought a new guitar last year too. I feel like the that makes up for the 2 years of no purchases!
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  12. Unfortunately no. I'd love to have a room full of the various amps I've owned over the years, but I generally just buy/sell/trade my way to the next thing on my mind. I've had a serious GAS problem with amps over the years as you can probably tell. Glad to hear the tube solved the issue! It sounds like you set it where I do (output master at about half on 5 watt). That seems to be the sweet spot! The only further thing I might do eventually is swap the internal speaker to a Vintage 30 like the big brother.
  13. I have some more BREAKING NEWS to add to this thread. This is all CONFIRMED by my sources which I can't reveal of course, hopefully everyone understands. The sky is blue Water is wet Grass is green
  14. The piano mixer looks pretty beat up, I wonder why Axl needs a piano mixer when he is a spontaneous excellent player, I remember all the piano intros to november rain were somehow a bit different night after night during illusion tour except the last minute when everyone knew that the song was about to begin
  15. that song is so much more than music... with lyrics like "pussy filled with maggots" I'd consider this to also be a modern day version of Shakespeare. lol
  16. Pretty Tied Up in particular sounded great. Further proof that they should stick to songs that allow him to sing in that range!
  17. Yeah, this has always worried me. Although Axl & Slash may have buried their personal issues I have to think that their creative differences are still an issue. Maybe they're ignoring it. I don't know, but hard to see Slash getting on board with some of the industrial/experimental stuff from the CD era. I think this is the best reason we have for why he sings like this now. It's just too difficult.
  18. Swapped out a preamp tube. The humming is way better now. It still hisses if you crank it, but it's a Marshall and thats what noise gates are for. Sounds a lot better now too. This thing is a keeper. It roars. I can get it cranked to about halfway up on the 5 watt setting. The 20 watt setting sounds even more open, too. Love this thing. Do you still have that JCM800, @James Bond
  19. Yeah. And nevermind that persistent rumours that Melania is looking for divorce, once this is over.
  20. I seem to recall they were clearing stock etc - which would suggest that stuff was planned to replace it. T-shirts with the new album cover......or something! 😂
  21. A new auction site related to the gear used by GN'R either in studio or during tours. New items will be added... Does anyone need a CD recorder or a rack tuner for bass? that's your place "GnR Gear From Yester' Year"
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