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  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-54204929 Also London confirms there will be NO fireworks on NYE just been confirmed
  3. That is more what you are looking for. I have one myself, only in blue. Anthony Sinclair, conduit cut.
  4. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/liverpool-local-lockdown-restrictions-full-18955326 Liverpool confirms new restrictions from Tue 22nd Sep this also covers Warrington Halton & Lancs
  5. One of only a handful of people in the history of 20th century pop music that could concievably be described as being possessed with genius. Bob Dylan is another. Honestly, I really struggle for other examples without stretching and/or diluting the notion of genius.
  6. John Frusciante - Excuses The Cure - Friday I'm In Love Stone Temple Pilots - Still Remains Pantera - Cowboys From Hell The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?
  7. The exclusion of YCBM in the AFD box pretty much only means that it wasn't recorded at Mystic or Sound City. As a counter point to the people who are saying that November Rain and Back Off were released there's the fact that Don't Cry was recorded at Sound City, yet it was omitted. I don't think YCBM being omitted from the AFD box has any real implication to whether or not it was recorded before or while AFD was recorded.
  8. That's less "secret agent" and more "not allowed within 100 metres of a school".
  9. We've all seen the Amazing amount of Gross GnR did on ''Not In This Life Time'' Tour....$584 Million! (Without an Album)!! Does Anyone know how much the Use Your Illusion Tour Grossed? It Must have been an Significant amount. They Played to well over 7 Million people I believe. UYI Albums and Merchandise Grossed around the World better than any Group at the time. Strange it isn't listed Anywhere, to my knowledge.
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  11. I wanna change my fashion style, to resemble something more mature. Kind of a secret agent look. You know, the kind that solves murder cases with "just one more question". Thinking of wearing a hat and coat like this in public, but I'm not sure if this will give me weird looks
  12. They are actually Pakistani derived. I know a big business fairly well (my mother got invited to his wedding, a Pakistani wedding). The funny thing is he always makes ''Paki'' jokes which just goes to show how much this political correct stuff is considered utter bollocks where I live. Would he be considered racist against himself?
  13. Are they actually pakis...or are they just paki looking?
  14. Just to be clear for anyone reading the old threads. Frey was never a 'gentleman' poster. It was a female alt account which was banned a long while back. That doesn't take away from good fandom posts they made but everyone should bear that in mind when reading.
  15. I cannot believe you're having discussions about liver and liver failure without mentioning the ancient kingdom of Scotland? Irrespective, here we are, Spleen the underrated plucky underdog who progresses much further than anyone expected, a South Korea or Croatia perhaps? Brain is Deutsch and heart Brazil whilst England is a pancreas.
  16. As long as he stays away from any future AC/DC affairs, it might be ok.
  17. I detest supermarkets even under normal circumstances and your family has generously provided me with shops that are far closer. Yes, my grandma is 95.
  18. That looks awesome. I don't know. I"m not a fan of forcing the purchase of an LP box set when I want everything in the deluxe *except* the LP. I hope GNR strikes the middle group and releases a CD box set, and an LP box set as well.
  19. @AbleSable @DurhamGirl The parts 1 and 2 of the women's thread have some fun stuff, unfortunately a lot of those posters have left the forums. It's now up to you newer members to grow this thread into something fun, so any questions or subjects you have please feel free to post them here. All are welcome.
  20. My source tells me they're seriously thinking about the best way to start thinking about how to release it.
  21. and before anyone goes: "oh, he changed his mind, he's lost his credibility" ... the whole goddamn scientific community has changed their mind!
  22. and they said, we should all listen to the WHO, as they are the experts and everyone who disagrees is stupid by default. well, how about now I DO want to listen to the WHO's advice, and I'm going to ditch my mouth mask as I'm sick and tired of the thing. I have the WHO's backing on this, and everyone who disagrees with them is stupid.
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