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  2. I'll never understand why Americans love their guns I also don't understand why their healthcare is so expensive compared to the rest of the world. I've only seen a tiny bit of USA and everyone I met was awesome, but I don't think I'd wanna live there just because of those 2 issues.
  3. That is so fucking cool man. You've taught him well! A very special album for me and was one I spent much of my youth listening to with my old man, it's a trip to hear of similar stories!
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  5. I wish it would track more actually. I recently got in a dispute with a landowner who said I had walked across his field using my metal detector - which of course I hadn't. But then I remembered I have turned on everything on my phone and that Android tracks movement so I excitedly opened the app to prove I hadn't done anything wrong, only to realize the tracking is not detailed enough. The only thing it could tell was that I had been in the general area, it couldn't help resolve on what side of a fence I had walked. So thanks for that, Android! Please monitor me more! But yeah, it is str
  6. You can't receive messages - need to delete some of the old ones... Otherwise, contact the admins.
  7. Hot DAMN! I somehow missed this post earlier. So happy you finally got it and it's in the shape described! I know we've discussed this, but what a monster album to have on vinyl. I'm very happy for you Not tomorrow, but next Thursday video will feature my son. I had him pick out 5 LPs he likes and I asked him to talk about then. Queen At Wembley was one he choose, so it was cool to show it off. Tomorrow's video is about Run DMC but the one with my Zakk will be out next week.
  8. Did you know they were full before you started shooting them?
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  10. Really. I just found out a few weeks ago my phone has a 2 year record of how many steps ive taken each day, how many stairs of climbed, etc
  11. I think I've seen that. I loved how he mentioned that Randy refused the HOF in his lifetime unless he went in as part of the Poffo family with his Dad and Lanny. Lanny, now surpassing him in years and deeming himself the older sibling, took it upon himself to give the fans what they wanted, and that was for Macho Madness to take his rightful place along side the greats! God bless him.
  12. Everyone is going to catch covid. It’s an inevitability. The vaccines don’t prevent you from catching the virus, they are intended to help build your own immune system so you can fight it off yourself without getting really sick and needing medical attention.
  13. Just saw a documentary on the Macho Man this past weekend, it was really good. It featured his little brother, Leaping Lanny Poffo. He said that Randy always looked out for him and if people remember his name it's because they remember Randy's name first. It was very cool, sorry to sidetrack the thread.
  14. this, our President get COVID too after he was vaccinated, but it was very light , and today he already is out after two weeks of isolation.
  15. I don't know, but my uncle is a couple of years older than my aunt so he must have gotten it a few weeks earlier than her. That's how it works here.
  16. I'm 4 days in from getting the J/J Clot shot. Hopefully I'm not one in a million! I'm not very concerned but I have to say it was not fun to read the news of it being halted 3 days after getting it.
  17. I haven't watched any of it but reading that Axl's parents flew out for the show is interesting, and amusing. I just picture them standing around all of those freaks(meant in a good way) in the crowd kind of freaking out. Wasn't Axl's stepfather a minister or something?
  18. How long after? because it can take a few weeks *after* the shot to build immunity and it is still not 100% given that you are not going to get it.... what IS proven is that if you get COVID, you will not die or even get as sick. That for me is a BIG ASS WIN right there!!!
  19. Sort of funny, people racing to the US for our healthcare when many of those same people (presumably) criticize the US for their private healthcare system. It is expensive, and it is a pain of the ass (insurance companies) but the quality of the care itself, is excellent.
  20. No one is going to pay $100,000 for that. I wouldn't even pay that for 2006-2014 CD2. Now CD 1-2.5 with Buckethead, then we can talk.
  21. Don’t get involved in antiques dealing, or investing in wine. Videos like this are part of HISTORY, may only be the history of a band, but still a document of an era. (and the past is mostly what you’ve got when it comes to GNR, the last studio album was released 13 years ago, prior to that it had been 17 years... 1 album in 30 years kinda forces you to the past for material) I personally have always loved bootlegs, it was most of the music you traded in the 80s and 90s and a band ain’t worth shit if they can’t play live. So often you get bands that only make sense in
  22. Hell yeah, the ride on the nightrain solo for the few seconds it plays for is amazing. You can hear izzy, which by 1991 you barely could. They were a band then.....Now they’re just a group. Fuck hoarders man... IF this guy is looking $100,000 as mentioned earlier, he’s scum. I have a genuine hatred for people who make money from music that’s not theirs, touts at gigs, wankers demanding high prices for bootlegs, and worst of all the eBay selling autograph hunting fuckers. I once stood in line for slash’s autograph behind a guy with a les Paul copy ready to be signed and sol
  23. One major benefit to holding on (not leaking) to rare material (uncirculated) is it preserves the value of that material to trade for more in the future. Trading alone is risky, as we have seen how it can go wrong. (Resulting in leaks, which we enjoy, of course unless we happened to be holding onto the same material haha) Every situation is different, but if someone obtains material from someone associated with the band, it was probably acquired under some amount of trust and confidence in that person (recipient) not to share, so that's a factor. Whether the recipient is a friend, fa
  24. So my uncle and aunt both caught covid this week after already having been vaccinated.
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