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  2. All fans of every other team in Scotland hate rangers. The sfa, spfl are all made up of Celtic men.
  3. I got the deal of a century thanks to you! Moving to a new place, so I'll find a cool spot for it in my "music room"
  4. Yeah, that's a whole side of things that isn't considered much. I have sympathy with that sort of thing. I find it funny that some people bought this 'as an investment' though. The devaluation of it has been insane. It will put me off the UYI reissue (if it happens) if it isn't sensibly priced from the outset. There's no way I'll pay out for a box set that I think will be a quarter (or less) of the price within a year. I'm pretty convinced they'll make the same mistake of overpricing again.
  5. Hooray! You voted for the losing side. Now congratulate yourself.
  6. I made the right decision there. The heater started coding again. I can start it manually but it's done. Put a positive spin on it, at least it went out now instead of the dead of winter or middle of a heat wave in the summer. Crackheads.
  7. Our latest episode about Tom Petty is doing really really well. Next week we have another great one with the directors of this film: Then we've got two more GREAT interviews in the can already to share in the weeks following that. Oh and we got our first partnership deal. Anyone that wants to can go to manscaped.com and use our discount code IGP20. You'll get 20% off and free shipping
  8. I have to laugh when I see that sites I really respect like musicdirect got totally fucked on this set. There's a cross section of reputable sites that bought the full sets when they were new, so they still have to try to sell them at $999, which they're never ever going to get for one, let alone however many they purchased.
  9. Get Fn Weird - on facebook. It's like fernando is just trolling us now.
  10. Alright my ballot is in. Voted Biden. I wish once you voted you were opted out of having to see any more political ads or have your mailbox stuffed with garbage
  11. Working smart, not hard isn’t laziness. You’re a very active gardener! Homeless pot heads whom we don’t want to turn to crack. At least the few mustard micros I got were more flavourful.
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  13. Paul McCartney just announced a new album, written and recorded entirely by himself during the lockdown. I wonder if Fernando is going to tell him he should respect what's going on in the world?
  14. Haha, yeah and the creepy music playing in the background. I got a total Halloween vibe- tis the season! They have never though had a weird ass storyline as that though- this one tops the cake!
  15. Saw them in 2018 in Tallinn. I am also done w the same setlist, Axl's vocals degrading and shitty merch. Only good thing in the past few years are the leaks, really love State Of Grace. Team Brazil and lazy Fat Axl are acting like SCOM is the biggest thing that still needs to be celebrated, even after severely overplaying it everywhere for fucking 33 years. I have been lurking here occasionally, but I prefer GNFNR for the fat content just for something to laugh about while the band is basically insulting its fans, sitting on their fat asses and doing nothing.
  16. The leaked 1999 versions sounded better when they were in the early stages and not filled w random shit. Flunk Ferreira ruined the title track for example
  17. Yeah man, I'll probably lose it all tomorrow. I literally just watched a few Youtube vids so I really don't know what I'm doing.
  18. He is insufferable to listen to
  19. I read that some people are predicting that gold prices could reach $3000 an ounce later next year. That's insane, maybe I should buy a shit load of gold.
  20. This website further demonstrates how bad Trump's chances are. If you give Trump EVERY state he is slightly favored to win (not very likely), and then give him EVERY STATE that Biden is "slightly favored to win" (very unlikely), he still loses.
  21. Damn dude, that's awesome. Piqued my interest. The only investments I've made were in blackjack tables, very minimal returns.😄
  22. One of my investments is in a car sharing service.
  23. I'm a lazy gardener. I have to bring the potheads home tomorrow. They took down the cold frames where I use to over winter them. I don't want the clay pots to get wet, freeze and crack.
  24. Finally, a definite cold front has come to Texas. The temperatures dropped from the 80's to the 50's. It feels so good to have cooler temps. I don't miss the heat at all. Next week will be even colder and then back into the 60's. I do hope fall has come early to Texas.
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