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  2. I worked in bars while going through Uni and met a lot of fascinating characters. There was an old boy from Sunderland who told me Jimmy Greaves was the greatest striker he'd ever seen play for England. Obscene stats and I may be correct in saying he scored on his debut for every team that he played for. One of the greats. Rest in power, Greavesy.
  3. The beginning of Madagascar was the fight of Rasp vs Mickey Axl. And of course Mickey Axl won
  4. This would've been a really cool idea. Exchange the garden and yesterdays for breakdown and pretty tied up and I'd probably think it'd be one of the greatest albums ever. If we're going down this road I'm also thinking of removing "think about you" and "anything goes" from appetite and scrap Lies, SI and CD all together and you'd have a band that's only put out 18 songs, but all of them absolutely top notch.
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  6. Thanks man. I currently have enough videos shot to where I can release two per week through the end of December. So there's a lot more coming, it's just spread across a lot more than just GN'R. There's already 70 or so videos on the channel as it is As for UYI; I agree with you and others who've said they might have been able to release one killer album then saved other cuts for EPs or B Sides. For this particular video, I just wanted to cover how they were released as is. That's what I was saying it's more aimed at casual GN'R fans. The first thing casual GN'R fans usually say about UYI is something like "it could have easily been one album" and I couldn't disagree more with that.
  7. Just watched some videos from Milwaukee, Axl sounded damn good for someone who had food poisoning just two days ago. Nightrain is probably one of the highlights (like in every 2021 show tbh), RQ was good until Slash’s guitar went out of tune towards the end. Jungle, Patience and DTJ all sounded good. It’s a bummer that we europeans can’t travel to the US at the moment cause I’d really like to see the band in their current form
  8. Maybe Axl should sing the chorus one octave lower than we heard on the leak.. Let Melissa sing the higher octave
  9. Studio: 1. Appetite/Lies. 2. First UYI lineup (Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, Matt, Dizzy). I don't count CD, because there wasn't a CD studio lineup/band but it was rather a long project that involved a revolving door of musicians. Live: 1. Appetite/Lies. 2. First UYI/1991 with Izzy (exciting shows, setlist variation). 3. Second UYI/Nov. 1991-1993 (some great shows in late '91/early '92 and NA '93 - the rest good, but I'm not the biggest fan of the '92 big band/production and the Euro '93 shows were a bit stale) . 4. Current (although Axl hasn't always sounded good). 5. NuGnR I/2001-2002 (Axl not in good form, but the "freak show" lineup was interesting) and NuGnR II/2006-2007 (Axl in great form, but less interesting band than in 2001-2002). 6. NuGnR III/2009-2014 (Axl sounded great in 2009-10, but that was the worst lineup ever).
  10. My Guess Is Hardschool Next show I really think we are on the nearest point, and 2 more new songs at the Next leg, justo before the release of the new album. We can dream😂
  11. The Hardschool thing interests me. On one hand, my first assumption would be that they simply want to hold off on this track and make it the lead single of the new album, therefore it doesn't make any sense to play it a year (or years) in advance. But then why the hell would Axl himself soundcheck it, both in Mexico last year and in Hershey a few months back? This leads me to believe Axl knows he can't pull off the chorus and is afraid to perform it, which is a terrible sign for future material like The General, ect.
  12. It's not about the song itself too much, it's about the fact it's kinda new and sounds better than Silkworms and more like real GN'R (plus we used to have only a snippet for such a long time). I believe we would have been hyped about, Idk, State of Grace or Atlas as well, obsessing about it in every thread. Now imagine if they promised or rehearsed a brand new song...
  13. What a blast tonight was! Beautiful setting and a great 3 hour rock show...bummed that it's my last one on this tour.
  14. Cool to his him swicth back and forth between plucking, strumming and using the plecter.
  15. The latest Iron Maiden album (it rocks!)
  16. Studio lineup: AFD lineup (AFD/Lies) Live: Either the AFD lineup (86-88) or the UYI tour lineup (91-93)
  17. 1. AfD (and I'm a massive UYI era fan) 2. UYI, with Gilby etc. 3. Now, I guess 4. Nu with BBF 5. Nu with Bucket. Not that it was bad, but it was kinda weird, and the competition is strong. Studio or live, doesn't matter. The best live era for me is UYI.
  18. "Better" had tons of hype, but it was played relatively quickly after the leaks. People would've gone insane for it if they pretended it didn't exist at the Hammerstein shows.
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