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  1. No one can tell you you’re worth more than they tell you. Go S Club 7
  2. Buddy at this rate we’ll be lucky to get a single song released let alone 20+ tracks
  3. Dude you win 10/10 in the busting our balls category 😂 You gotta get this out there. Sharing via PMs is cool I guess so long as no-one is openly asking for links, which for the sake of clarity I am a 100% absolutely NOT doing here *cough*
  4. Bang on. And no worldly wise management team behind them means anything beyond touring and (mostly) shitty merch is a no go. Part of me still thinks we’d still be waiting for Chinese were it not for Irving and Azoff
  5. This is the worst period for me. Only the locker leaks have made it slightly more bearable. The worst part is watching the band become a bunch of money grabbers with shitty and tacky merch coupled with a high end box set and pinball machine. Time went by......
  6. People the world over were amazed when UYI was released. If the next album is the last (which in my view is very likely) it would be cool if they smashed it with a triple album release. I wouldn’t even care if a good chunk of it were filler. What a way to go out! Tour until Axl loses his voice altogether and it’s goodnight Vienna!
  7. Gonna voice a presumably unpopular opinion here: I think I’d rather a Chinese box set over a new record from these guys. That era holds so much intrigue for me. of course, the chances of us getting either are rarer than finding rocking horse shite! 😅
  8. I think people should be able to post negative opinions, so long as they’re made in an adult and constructive way. This band is no where near as good as it was in the late 80’s early 90’s - FACT. But, it is still a fantastic experience seeing them live. Of course, arguments on the forums are inevitable when we have little to talk about. Heaven forbid a single drops so we actually have something to discuss!
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