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  1. What gets me is guns has no trouble releasing concert shirts, lithographs and frisbees and toy trucks but not anything substantive that fans would jump all over. Easy $$ option much?
  2. I’m positive that there’s people out there with cd-rs full of unreleased GNR tunes. They’re probably sitting on a shelf somewhere and not been dusted off for years. Nobody gives a shit but us. We need to start an internet campaign or something like that. Maybe a contribution to a Covid or other charitable cause. If a few thousand GNR fans contributed the cost of a cd to a fund, made this publicly known. Someone somewhere would get wind and hook us up. Ok I’ve had too much coffee 😂
  3. Yep, I think you’re right. I think we just need another leakfest, clear the vaults and let the band release a new album when and if they choose. Who’s with me?
  4. Wasn’t there an also an Instagram post where she got all gooey about the tour but also mentioned a new record? If memory serves she then amended the post to refer only to the tour
  5. How long has it been since Susan said this? Anyone got a link to her Instagram post please?
  6. COVID was a convenient excuse for this bands ineptitude in being able to re-release anything other than a shitty record that the daft shits tried to block in the first place. Tell you what, I’m seeing the negativity grow across all the forums and even on the FB posts by GNR. One upon a time the latter contained nothing but posts by nut swingers.
  7. One new fucking song, just one. That’s all it would have taken for me to throw cash at this. I mean come on, how fucking hard would that have been eh?
  8. Dude your spirit is admirable but......this band, ya know???
  9. Think a concerted effort fir a new record might be better, but good luck!
  10. It really shouldn’t be this hard to release either a new album or live DVD’s etc
  11. Teasing bastards if you think about it 😂
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