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  1. I can’t see touring going beyond the next few years. I’m seeing them next year on the basis it might be the last time I get the chance to.
  2. Maybe Lupe can be the Cd2 equivalent of Dr Pepper. If the album’s released before then end of 2021, everyone in the US get a a free laundry wash 😂
  3. Saw this posted on another forum (the discussion was about the Hard Skool single) and i have to say it does ring true… The fact that they're selling heavily marked up physical copies and a bunch of cheesy overpriced merchandise instead of just dropping a damn album highlights the flagrant cash crab nature of the whole enterprise
  4. So Coldplay have just released an album yet their tour doesn’t start until March next year. Would it be beyond the realms of possibility for Guns to release a new record in November with their tour starting next June?
  5. For me personally, I don’t get why people get hung up on when the songs were written. A good song is a good song regardless of when it was penned.
  6. Here’s one to twist your melons….maybe Slash is releasing his album in February cos GnR is releasing an album next month 😳 *slowly puts down crack pipe*
  7. You make a strong argument. And knowing the band’s history with releasing music, you may well be right. I mean, come on, there’s literally no evidence that a new album is coming. The ‘EP’ seemingly has just been announced in an attempt to stop the fans moaning about the lack of new material. And I’d be willing to bet Axl made that difficult as fuck too 😂
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