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  1. Agreed, they’re a bunch of tits but don’t care because the dollars keep on rollin in
  2. We need Zutaut to liberate the remainder of the early 2000 stuff he has. One of you US dudes go buy a car from him and see what extras you can get 😁
  3. Absolutely impossible in my view. If a new record is released (and we all know that a a BIIIIIG damn IF) comprised of older tracks originally performed by Bucket and Robin then I only hope the originals leak at some point
  4. Wonder if it had something to do with the 2010 album being rejected by the label?
  5. https://www.facebook.com/1343843782363754/posts/3586981998049910/?extid=0&d=n
  6. Somebody posted some info on FB about a new record being released in Feb and a link to Atlas supposedly with Slash n Duff. But, 28 December in some South American countries is their equivalent of April Fools day. Pretty shitty troll attempt
  7. My view is that Axl Rose has zero interest in putting out new music. There’s nothing more to it. This thread will still be going in 2030
  8. I remember thinking my My Favourite Pillow was legit
  9. Fucks sake I’d take a single solitary track right now! Anything to show that the band is serious about putting something new out!
  10. GnR. It’s all about missed opportunities and what coulda/shoulda been. I’m starting to make my peace with that
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