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  1. How about the ‘You keep on payin’, we’ll keep on playin’ tour?
  2. At first glance I thought he was spanking his monkey 🤣
  3. You did. IIRC the claim was that the record company basically laughed at Axl’s promo demand
  4. My take is that negotiations with the record company in regards to promo etc have either stalled or are ongoing
  5. Dudes got a point though. It’s just more of the same and I think ticket sales have reflected this. Would have been the perfect time to announce a new album to get people stoked for the tour. Instead, the band just seems to be relying on people wanting to go see them cos it’s the first concert they’ll have seen since COVID
  6. Rumour has it he’s got a shit load of other village stuff
  7. This would have been the perfect opportunity/time to release a new single. Can they get anything right?
  8. https://m.facebook.com/tomzutautmvhyundai/ Tomzutaut@gmail.com
  9. Call me crazy but I reckon we’ll see an album before the year’s out
  10. I admire your optimism but I think the next album will be their last
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