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  1. I'm not complaining. The band is going right direction. 2 new songs in two months. Nice!
  2. Funny when you look Axl in 2006 and then 2016 with Ac/dc. He looks like a different guy. That 2006 hair was cool.
  3. Oh man. I almost forgot this. Did they really delete all the good live videos from youtube? And fan made musicvideos? Last year I saw great Axl/Dc full show video but cant find it anymore.
  4. This band and forum was more interesting when nu-gnr was around. After 2017 reunion it has come boring. New tours and same songs. There isnt much to follow. Last time I was here 2019 to see how Axl sounds and looks and what was the setlist. Best band in the world, but also really weird nowadays. Really weird how they treat the fans. No interviews or anything about the plans of the band..Why? Who is the boss? Axl or Fernando? Hard to believe that Axl gives a fuck about some podcast. One good interview in year would be enough! Maybe we'll get the answers one day..
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