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  1. Axl also said he wanted to add Coma because he thought it would make Slash happy
  2. yeah sounded like there was some type of issue though, Axl was out of time with the rest of the band at the end.
  3. hard to really judge it with the stream jumping
  4. talking about "you could be mine", said Izzy wrote most of the lines and that it's fun to play and he feels bad ass or something.
  5. it is kind of interesting we have had "what's wrong with Axl's voice?!" posts since 2001 with the period that he sounded "good" becoming later and later each time.
  6. that looks like a knock off shirt they'd sell at the dollar store
  7. yes, but even before that they were down a whole step.
  8. I'd rather Axl sing use his falsetto or sing "clean" and hit the notes than down-tune to hell like Kiss does
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