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  1. You seem cool. You've been added.

  2. Haha, just saw that! I'd definitely say so! B)

  3. Hah, yes! I did see that. Unfortunately, it seems that "fuck off" is the new "hello". Pretty alarming I'd say. Cheers, dude.

  4. Yo, it's good to see another rational poster round these parts of town.

  5. No problem! Keep rockin'.

  6. Nice! I was actually quite addicted to the 'workout' lifestyle for quite a while. Although, lately my laziness has caught up to me, so I'm not nearly as active haha. Good for you, though! And unfortunately, the dog isn't mine. I just happen to have an infatuation with Huskies and decided to use that as my profile picture haha.

  7. Good to see you posting again.

  8. What's up, dude?

    I rarely post but still read quite often. The forum is a bit too toxic for my liking nowadays. How's life?

    And yea haha, Reincarnated was the man! :lol:

  9. I guess I could post a lil' more...

  10. What's up, bro?! Yea, I don't post nearly as much as I used to. However, I still read the forum a fair amount. I'm very glad to see you as an administrator though!

  11. The pups have been sent and are on their way.

  12. Thanks! And yeah, I also rarely post anymore. Anyhow, your posts are quite fun to read as well! You've got quite a grip on eloquent language. ;)

  13. Sadly, 'the bird' is on its way out.

  14. I love that picture! And nah, it's not my photography (wish it was; it's an excellent photograph). Thanks for the comment though!

  15. Insomnia? Been there, done that! It's such a bitch to deal with, haha. And yeah, I'm glad to be posting again. The forum seems completely different now, hah.

  16. I don't speak Portuguese! Haha! I live in Pennsylvania right now. I'm having a blast. Hopefully I'll be able to catch em' when they tour the U.S. in the fall!

  17. I'm doing just fine. I'm Colombian but am living in the States. Otherwise, I'd be following GN'R through out their tour of South America! Make the experience worthwhile. :)

  18. Hi! How are you? I see that you're going to one of the Brazilian shows. Have fun! :)

  19. Long time no see buddy. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your post on the 'saddest song' thread. Hah! I can't believe how long it's been!

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