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  1. Yeah quite sad to think of it this way, but the last time a song was played without being leaked or part of CD was 2001/2...
  2. Yeah you're absolutely correct here. I can't think of anyone that would give a sh*t about an unreleased GN'R demo (with no Axl vocals and no original members) from 1999. Having said that, hardcore fans and even fairweather GN'R fans I think would get on board with the material. As toxic as this board can be at times, to see the "Fuck you Bob Ezrin" thread come out once the Village sessions leaked showed that the fans here still deep down want Axl and co. to succeed. However, the casual GN'R fans that I have shown Hardschool and Atlas too have been unanimously positive about the songs. Wil
  3. You're absolutely correct with this - however - I have been absolutely besotted with Atlas ever since it's release 18 months ago. So it depends on what your definition of a "flop" is -- is it commercial reception or fan reception? I would agree if you were talking commercially but I would definitely counter your point if it was in regards to fan reception as I think the reaction to the leaks proved the fans are happy with the unreleased material.
  4. Yeah that’s true - different reports everywhere. I’m in London and apparently 1 in 30 are infected currently! Strange, worrying times. Stay safe.
  5. Wait, so Me and My Elvis --> Leave Me Alone --> Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul? You sure on that?
  6. Not sure this is exactly true - as of the weekend just gone, the US had given just over 1% of their population (>2mil) a first dose of vaccination (UK currently at 1.4% or so, with Israel leading at 12%). Next few weeks/months quite critical in getting this rolled out.
  7. How do I mute members posts? I was previously able to do it but can't seem to find the option any more. Cheers.
  8. Green Lung are awesome! Caught them in London last year, glad you enjoyed too!
  9. Really cool show. Cornell's daughter playing "Black Gives Way To Blue" was the stand-out; absolutely sublime.
  10. Yeah the guy covering it does a stellar job! One of the big new-GNR regrets for me is that we never got to see Robin perform this live.
  11. Because the ambiguous tease of new music will keep some fans going to the shows...
  12. Thanks for sharing, @Blackstar Like other posters I had never seen this before! Enjoy reading Axl's thoughts around this time because the release of CD was raw and public opinion was probably at its most critical. The pervading feeling I get from these interviews is that Axl really is on the defensive. Reminds me of the "interview" done with Del on the official site in which his response to the first question was "Well that's f***ing bull****" or something along those lines.
  13. Think OP had this spot on when describing it as "cringe" I think the thing about Ashba that rubs people the wrong way is his lack of sincerity. For me, this shows it again. His rationale is that EDM is popular so he will follow popular, not caring if it sounds like trash. Anyway, wish no harm on the chap and fingers crossed it works out for him but this really isn't for me.
  14. Agreed with you - especially considering we’ve had the reunion (almost 5 years since it was announced) and absolutely nothing in regards to new music, quite impressive that CD was actually released. I’m really glad it did see the light of day, it’s still probably my favourite album even if it is flawed and is missing some great village sessions tunes.
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