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  1. Long overdue! Very glad to see two "new" songs in the setlist! Will reconsider going to some of the EU shows next year now.
  2. Without trawling through the entire thread (sorry), has anyone actually called the number? 1-800-346-74(17)?
  3. Would love to have Atlas next but there will still be some poignancy to Brian May’s solo being superseded, even if it is Slash!
  4. Axl hates recording new vocals so much he even took parts from Eye On You . Don't get too upset with that comment, it's made completely in jest. I absolutely loved the demo of this song and the final version is even better than that. Great day to be a GN'R fan
  5. Works for me! As long as @Steve1899is kind enough to share the footage once sorted, would absolutely love to see it.
  6. I'm in Greenwich, can definitely help out if you need a way to digitise this footage. I don't have much experience but this cannot go to waste
  7. As frustrating as it must be for you Antipodean fans, you must understand that GN'R have to wait for the promoters to cancel/reschedule to ensure they are covered by insurance. Once they get the go-ahead for this I'm sure it will be communicated (with vague wording )
  8. I believe that was Tokyo 2009 because in the IEM mix once he plays the Estranged bends you heard Axl firmly say ‘I heard that!’
  9. Prediction: - Eddie talks about how he is good friends with Slash and Duff. - Eddie then says how he knows some stuff and can’t say it and then reiterates just how good friends he is with Slash and Duff.
  10. Grow up everyone, Hardskool doesn’t exist.
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