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  1. This is probably the one song I've listened to most in the last 18 months since it leaked by any artist. Love the song, even it is isn't perfect, probably because I'm a huge Axl fan and desperate to hear his music. If it were a SMKC song, I'd definitely like it but probably not to the same level! Also think I may be in the minority here but I prefer the Josh drums - simpler, cleaner and serves the song better IMO.
  2. GN'R are by far and away my favourite band of all time but I absolutely cannot believe the results of this
  3. Hey DJ welcome back to the board. All jokes aside, I do hope you are doing well in life and are happy these days, but please, less of the humble brags maybe?
  4. Give me silent GN’R over this utter tripe every day of the week. My word.
  5. I think Robin technically left after the 2007 ANZ tour so imagine he was out of the band by July/August, over a year before the release of the album. I think GN'R never spoke of his departure at the time because they thought he could be persuaded to rejoin once the album release was determined.
  6. I beat everyone to the punch with my new Axl Rose "Hang Loose" avatar. 2021 is already full of surprises. Next huge surprise would be an album please
  7. It's singer-songwriter, musician and total rock God, Axl Rose! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/axl-rose-scooby-doo-and-guess-who-1131907/
  8. The bubble (before the latest issue in NZ) was only one-way... Going from NZ into Australia was fine because of no community transmission. Anyone going to NZ from Australia would still have to quarantine for 2 weeks.
  9. Yeah, no shows this year (in this scale) for anywhere other than potentially ANZ. Fascinated to understand what the quarantining measures will be like for ANZ come October/November, no way GN'R will fly over and quarantine for 2 weeks in a hotel before playing the shows, especially as they are going Australia->NZ->Australia.
  10. Interesting! Quite a big contradiction to BBF saying that back in 2014 he knew the band was reuniting...
  11. WOW! I can't imagine what Rhiad with Brian May would sound like!
  12. Really?! Do you have the source for that? Mentality wise, Catcher/Atlas/Perhaps (TBC!) are definitely more Brian May tracks, Rhiad is way more Robin/Bucket!
  13. It’s time for Paul Huge to once again emerge from the vault.
  14. Yeah I think this is exactly it - I thinK Axl saw Ashba as being more of the "next gen" of RN'R () whereas Sykes was very much more traditional. Incredible that someone like Sykes would even have to audition to be honest!
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