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  1. I've seen it on sale for 60 an ounce at the stores. Dealers go as low as 30.
  2. So in other words, if trump had won, you were worried that Democrats were going to be violent and fuck shit up. Good thing we're rooting for that party, best to give them their way so they don't resort to violence, that isn't like, the definition of terrorism or anything.
  3. Uh, no. They fucking hated her. She was just awful. It wasn't sexism, it wasn't white supremacy (somehow) Hillary just really sucked.
  4. You cannot seriously equate Trump with Hitler. Hate him, whatever, but Hitler? Come on. Do I have to school you in another drinking contest? 😉
  5. Buy used. You aren't getting Addams Family or Twilight Zone for under 5 grand, but unless the market has exploded since I bought mine, you can find deals.
  6. For 750 bucks just buy a fucking pinball machine.
  7. If buttfucking kids and covering it up is moderate, what in the name of holy fuck do you consider extreme?
  8. Use a tuner, and play the harmonic, and then LIGHTLY fret the twelfth fret, and tune it to that. Not the open string. I have always tuned my guitars to the harmonic matching the 12th fret.
  9. Not to be condescending, but are you sure you're moving the screws the correct direction? How are you checking the intonation? A quarter tone is huge for intonation to be off. I'd check the truss adjustment and the height of the action.
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