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  1. If buttfucking kids and covering it up is moderate, what in the name of holy fuck do you consider extreme?
  2. Use a tuner, and play the harmonic, and then LIGHTLY fret the twelfth fret, and tune it to that. Not the open string. I have always tuned my guitars to the harmonic matching the 12th fret.
  3. Keep. Your. Finger. Off. The. Trigger.
  4. Not to be condescending, but are you sure you're moving the screws the correct direction? How are you checking the intonation? A quarter tone is huge for intonation to be off. I'd check the truss adjustment and the height of the action.
  5. Sure they do, it's called legal precident once you set it, and it's a slippery goddamned slope.
  6. The 3rd trimester argument is such bullshit. People act like there are women giving birth that just scream "NEVERMIND!" and they stab the baby in the head with a screwdriver.
  7. Is that a Greco Zemantis copy? Goya, right?
  8. Dear sweet heavenly fuck these things play great. Korean PRS really have their shit together.
  9. Dude, just listen to Guns n' Roses. They didn't have a large catalog.
  10. November 4th is just gonna suck for you isn't it? It could have been avoided with pretty much anyone except fucking Biden.
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