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  1. Probably a soundhole pickup for an acoustic. Check out Cobain's in the unplugged. Or off the top of my head, Realign by Godsmack acoustic. They have that twangy kind of sound.
  2. Super deadly or super contagious? I am aware it kills people, just a relatively low percentage.
  3. I'm sick of you spreading bullshit. He used crack
  4. They're hated because they replaced the beloved Valvestate line with them, a clearly inferior amp.
  5. I've seen it on sale for 60 an ounce at the stores. Dealers go as low as 30.
  6. Buy used. You aren't getting Addams Family or Twilight Zone for under 5 grand, but unless the market has exploded since I bought mine, you can find deals.
  7. For 750 bucks just buy a fucking pinball machine.
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