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  1. One of my cats (and this is actually true) stepped on the Chinese Democracy album cover while I was spinning the album last Friday. This is a sign. New album in the can, on the way very soon.
  2. Interesting. I wonder how the TB defenders will reply to this. It's been proven over and over that TB actively works against people trying to promote GN'R. Yet, there are always defenders saying "well, we don't know for sure". We knew for sure last time and we know for sure now. Why on Earth would you want to stop someone from actively promoting your brand for free? I have no idea, but TB excels at it.
  3. Exactly. It's a discussion forum, so people are supposed to be discussing GN'R. It's not the fault of the fans that GN'R doesn't give their fans anything positive to discuss. The point of the thread seems pretty clear to me. You have a long time fan ( @Tom-Ass) who would very much like to be excited about GN'R, but there's no reason to be. Seems natural to be curious how others feel and why they feel the way they do.
  4. I was posting my opinion on the matter, I don't know them personally. My opinion is shaped by my perception of what I see from them.
  5. Ah, OK. I thought you meant the Crue 94 album at first. I was like "I would have heard about that!" haha. The original pressing I have sounds awesome, but I hope it does get repressed someday. As far as No Code goes, I have an original pressing and the 2016 reissue that @ToonGunsreferenced above. They sound 100% identical to me, so I'm assuming the forthcoming repress will sound the same.
  6. I'm not sure I follow that middle part. Are you referring to Pearl Jam - No Code when you say there's a reissue coming?
  7. Being paid what you're worth doesn't make someone "about money". However, going through the motions with a band you don't even want to be in does. That's the difference between Izzy and Slash/Duff currently. Anyone saying otherwise is just renewing their membership in the Axl Rose Defense Force.
  8. GN'R fans in 2008: "Wow, Chinese Democracy was finally released, we made it! We'll never experience anything like that ever again!" W. Axl Rose ever since: "Hold and continue to hold my beer"
  9. Sounds like the record is just filled with static? If so, a carbon fiber brush should be able to help take care of that. They're cheap and when used right, can make a big difference.
  10. Depending on who you ask, we all got more than 7 inches with Chinese Democracy haha
  11. New episode is up. I sincerely apologize for the severe audio issues with this one. I'm trying to work through some audio challenges at the moment.
  12. Haha, I think a lot of us feel exactly the same as your last point. For the record, I really liked what Slash did with TIL in 2016 too. After that, not so much.
  13. Personally, I don't want Slash to play just like the record but there's some stuff that just doesn't sound right at all to me. Taking Chinese Democracy songs out of the argument, look at Slash's recent renditions of his own Yesterdays solo. Just awful IMO. It's not that it doesn't sound like the record, it's that Slash doesn't sound like he gives a remote shit. Just my opinion
  14. Nice. I got mine 5 or so years ago maybe. I know they were free at one point but I got mine for fairly cheap so I'm cool with it.
  15. It's the job of anyone currently being paid to act as if anyone not currently being paid by GN'R is inferior. Thus, Fortus' comments on Ron make sense in that regard.
  16. Izzys take on the reunion are best summed up in the lyrics of this song that covered in response to the NITL tour
  17. YEP. There's always been a massive double standard where Robin vs Slash is concerned. Robin's (far superior) take on the Patience solo is another example
  18. To be fair, it seems the right and left have very much switched sides on a lot of things over the past 30 years
  19. Yeah, discounts have popped up for dates already. Assuming the tour kicks off and there's still poor ticket sales (likely) the discounts will get even deeper for the rest of the tour.
  20. Skip to the 5:44 mark if you're just interested in the Chinese Democracy 7". Watch the whole video if you're interested in other rare 7" records. Drop a like on the video and subscribe if you wanna help out the channel
  21. Very cool of you to clarify, but I don't think (read: I hope) no one expected you to give us continual updates or anything. It's awesome that you even told us something might be in the works. It's certainly not your fault that GN'R works the way they do lol. You're a GREAT resource for them to have, so if they ever do produce a UYI set, they've got access to stuff they wouldn't have otherwise.
  22. Now that I think about it, I think Houston was the other one I watched. I'll go back and check it out just in case I miseed it
  23. Just breezed through the latest one. First one I've watched since the first one, I think. Maybe I watched another one and forgot. In any case, I thought it was decent overall.
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