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Status Updates posted by RussTCB

  1. New vinyl YouTube video out! 


  2. Thank you to everyone who's watched my Live Era video so far. Extra thank you to those who subscribed to the channel! 

  3. YouTube video coming tomorrow about LIVE ERA on vinyl :)

  4. Thinking about doing another round of sticker giveaways for anyone in the US. 

  5. Kevin Smith just sent us a video endorsing our podcast! That's amazing! 

  6. Need to get our YouTube channel up to at least 100 subscribers ASAP!

  7. First YT video is up. Check thread for link :)


  8. awards.discoverpods.com 

    We made the finals! Please vote for us for Best Music Podcast :)

  9. My interview with Steve Gorman of The Black Crowes is up now. Check my podcast thread in My World :)

  10. In case anyone is using the new Amazon app to listen to podcasts, the Infectious Groove Podcast is available on there now :)

    1. alfierose


      I was meaning to message you about this after I got an email saying they were putting up podcasts. Great stuff!

  11. Season 2 of the Infectious Groove Podcast has kicked off :) www.infectiousgroovepodcast.com 

    1. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      Thanks Russ, I've been really enjoying the last couple of episodes. Good conversation about music has been missing from my life, so you're filling that void.

    2. RussTCB


      Thank you so much :)

  12. Almost 5000 listens to the podcast so far. That's pretty awesome to me. 

    1. lukepowell1988
    2. RussTCB


      Thank you. It's a total grind promoting it, but it's worth it :)

  13. New episode of the Infectious Groove Podcast is out. We had a LOT of fun recording this one. 

  14. Now is as good of time as any to follow my music podcast on Twitter :) @INFECTIOUS_POD 

  15. Axl is getting destroyed in this poll:




      MJ surprises me. Never denied his talent or his voice, but I always seem to forget about him when it comes to questions like this.

      Freddie would be my first pick, followed by Robert Plant.

    2. RussTCB


      I felt the same way, but apparently the voters felt otherwise lol

  16. New Jeff Scott Soto interview / episode out today. Links in threads in My World and The Jungle sections :)

  17. New episode of the Infectious Groove Podcast is out now. We had fun debating whether or not music awards matter. 

  18. It's so hard to remember to consider the source, but that's really the best course of action. 

  19. New episode of the Infectious Groove Podcast is out now, featuring an interview with The Nixons!

  20. Just an FYI; no, that is certainly not me in the video that's floating around. People have too much time on their hands lol

  21. The latest bonus / tournament episode of the Infectious Groove Podcast is out now! 

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