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  1. Anyone hoarding unreleased stuff overplayed their hand a long, LONG time ago. No one actually cares about the VMA rehearsals, let alone pay the ridiculous prices that were being thrown around years ago. Most GN'R fans wouldn't even bother watching the VMA rehearsals if they ever leaked. So there's no way anyone is going to pay anything for them.
  2. If anyone from GN'R or their "management" were to read through this thread, they'd have the nerve to be mad. It would totally go over all of their heads that THEY created this mess, not the fans. The only reason the greater majority of fans hang around on these boards anymore is because of habit and the community itself. GN'R is a brand and has been a brand for a very long time. The main difference between them and other brands, is every other brand on Earth at least gives their fan base new material, rarities or live albums to talk about. GN'R doesn't do that. All they
  3. Of course it's not always possible but that doesn't mean a far bigger effort to try reason first shouldn't be put forward. And again the argument being used is: "but what about racists and other awful people?" and my point stands that not everyone is a racist or an awful person if they happen to think differently than others or the majority. Perhaps at their core, they are but it might be worth trying to reason first and find out why they believe what they believe in an attempt to find common ground. Again, I know that's not always going to be possible but we'd be better off
  4. https://found.ee/additup-vf Add It Up - Best of the Violent Femmes is FINALLY getting reissued on vinyl. I fn love this compilation and I've *almost* paid over $100 for it in the past. The repress is coming on 05/21 for $23.99!
  5. My main point is: cancelling people isn't the answer. Seeking to understand and improve everyone on both sides of an argument is.
  6. That's the thing though: cancel culture doesn't take nuance or context into consideration. Also "they did it too!" isn't a valid argument. I couldn't care less whether the right or the left are the ones calling for the canceling, which is why I didn't mention either political party in my post. At the end of the day, there needs to be a lot more attempts to understand where others are coming from as opposed to saying "you don't agree with me, therefore you should be cancelled"
  7. My buddy Meltdown from WRIF had Zakk Wylde on his show this week. They hit a bunch of topics, but one of them was Zakk jamming with GN'R back in the 90s. Check it out here: https://wrif.com/episodes/talkin-rock-with-zakk-wylde/
  8. New video! Thanks for already leaving comments @ToonGuns:)
  9. Oh I definitely agree. The less mass media I consume, the happier I am.
  10. I keep seeing this idea that cancel culture should be called "consequences culture". I've also heard the idea that if you disagree with cancel culture, you must be a racist, a misogynst or just plain stupid. I could not disagree more with both of the ideas above. I'm none of those things and I completely disagree with the current state of cancel culture. I think we have to get back to a point where it's OK for people to make mistakes and learn. I also think the world as a whole could benefit a whole lot from trying to see where others are coming from. Someone said or did some
  11. Sweet lord. I've picked up 40 subs so far since I made those two posts on reddit! Thanks again
  12. From what I understand, he's only retiring from solo touring. Everything else should be going ahead as far as I'm aware.
  13. He released his statement. It's only his fb page for anyone interested
  14. That's absolutely what it is. I just need to be more patient than I am haha
  15. Jesus @Deanyou weren't kidding. I dipped my toe in the reddit water and picked up 10 new subscribers so far on YouTube. Holy shit thanks
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