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  1. If only there were an entire thread for a non event like this.....
  2. Normally, I would find it hard to believe that they just now started rehearsals BUT as someone else pointed out: they've been rehearsing this show for 5 years now, so they're all set
  3. The band and their management think silence = mystery & excitement. They're incredibly wrong per usual, but thats never stopped them before.
  4. I haven't had that packaging from Amazon in a while. Years ago, nearly everything from them showed up that way. Having said that, I have albums showing up from Amazon today & tomorrow, so I'm sure at least one of then will be packaged that way lol
  5. That was the plan originally. I had all 3 covers pre ordered in vinyl at Best Buy. Then about a month before release, the pre-orders for Cover B and Cover C got canceled
  6. Thank you very much! Growing the channel is such a gring, but I'm keeping at it. Every comment, like and nice thing said is very motivational, so thank you again I actually have a whole separate video coming about being a completionist in a few weeks.
  7. I always thought they should have just cleaned up the audio on Argentina 93 and released it as an official live acoustic album.
  8. That's so odd because Mexican cartels are normally known for their humanitarian efforts.
  9. Ordered some stuff online last night: The Monkees - Live, The Mickey & Mike Show David Bowie - Let's Dance Peter Gabriel - So Then I ran out this morning to get the new Leon Bridges - Gold-Diggers Sound
  10. There's a lot of incredibly good debut albums throughout the history of rock. Not worth derailing a GN'R topic for, but we could discuss it in the My World section some time.
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