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  1. Ah, OK, so they get their information directly from Beta.....which none of us have any way to prove. Also, discussing them didn't stop you from continually PM'ing the staff and many other users about them constantly. I had no, and continue to have no interest in discussing that person. I had to tell you that several times as did the rest of the staff. As did many other users who have complained about PMs they've received from you. However, what I said above is true: you've continually attempted to position yourself as someone who knows something the rest of us don't. You do it over and over and over. It's become a running joke on the forum except it's not funny. Everyone is aware that you think Axl didn't record any vocals after 99. That's been proven false. And now you want to go back on having tried to act as if you had information the rest of us didn't. If you want to contribute to the forum like a regular user / fan, awesome. But if you want to keep saying the same things over and over, then change your story, you're going to get called out for it.
  2. You've claimed your information comes from a person connected to the band and / or it's management, no? Maybe I'm confused because you spent years and years PM'ing the staff and many users on this board looking for "dirt" on a person who runs another GN'R forum. You only posted on the public forum when you were calling other people out for posting on that forum because you claimed to have extreme dislike for the person who runs it. Then you started posting info on the forum, using the person who runs that forum as your source, while telling people that they're directly connected to the band. So this whole "I never said I was an insider" but doesn't work.
  3. Lolwut.....you're entire shtick is "Axl hasn't recorded any vocals past 1999 and I know this because of my source who is an insider". Now you're changing it because people have proved that there are several examples of Axl recording vocals after 99. On top of which you're now saying you don't have an inside source? That's rich 😂
  4. No one has ever mentioned Atlas Shrugged in connection with proving your info wrong. People have mentioned stuff like the vocals for Rock The Rock being definitive proof that your info is wrong though.
  5. Agreed. Is Axl AN icon? Yeah. Anywhere near the level of someone like Elvis or Liberace? Not even close.
  6. I assume there's already been several 3 hour meetings on how to fill the space that was supposed to be used for Mexico & Australia. They'll set up shop in Vegas or do an insanely overpriced theater run in the US or something.
  7. I was told that they DID get a file marked Radio Edit. I've never heard it on the radio myself though, so maybe not. In short, I was told yes but can't confirm.
  8. Thanks! And yeah, I come and go with that one. Most times I dislike it but eeeeeevry so often it's OK lol.
  9. Thanks again to everyone who's taken the time to watch the video, subscribe and/or drop a like. Yeah, I promote the crap out of the channel and the podcast but I appreciate everyone putting up with it AND helping Both are a lot of work, but they're also very rewarding. In any case, for those interested, if you haven't checked it pit yet use the link above.
  10. When they became more concerned with whatever might sell more tickets as opposed to what might move their artistic legacy forward.
  11. It very well could be yeah BUT I don't think the song would've even been soundchecked if that were the case.
  12. Yeah, that was part of the point of the video; to point out to people there truly is too much good material to cut it down to one album.
  13. There's a lot of good things in Moonwalker but it's definitely got its issues. Watching it in pieces works much better for me than watching it straight through.
  14. Thanks man. These videos are a lot of fun to make. Every word of encouragement helps make it worth while
  15. Yeah, having everyone post their "if UYI was one album" tracklists was not the point of the thread 😂 The whole point of the video was that UYI had to be 2 albums. I just picked a title for the thread but I thought the body of the post and certainly the video itself would make the point but apparently now 😂
  16. New episode tomorrow, but before that: Our 100th episode is coming soon. We're gathering clips, so if anyone wants to contribute that would be great. We want clips of poeple talking about an album or artist that's had a postive impact on your life. You can either email a clip to infectiousgroovepodcast@gmail.com or shoot us a voicemail at 313-364-9899. We've got a couple weeks before we record #100 but the sooner I get the clips the better.
  17. That's very close to what I was saying in the video. I'd most likely cut those 3 but it would still have to be 2 albums.
  18. Favorite studio line up: AFD Favorite touring line up: 2007
  19. Thanks man. I currently have enough videos shot to where I can release two per week through the end of December. So there's a lot more coming, it's just spread across a lot more than just GN'R. There's already 70 or so videos on the channel as it is As for UYI; I agree with you and others who've said they might have been able to release one killer album then saved other cuts for EPs or B Sides. For this particular video, I just wanted to cover how they were released as is. That's what I was saying it's more aimed at casual GN'R fans. The first thing casual GN'R fans usually say about UYI is something like "it could have easily been one album" and I couldn't disagree more with that.
  20. Thanks man and yeah, I've been working on the collection a LONG time but it's been worth all the effort. I should have mentioned that I love GitR musically. Really love it from a musical standpoint but the lyrics are just.....ugh lol.....and I felt that way back in 91. I just can't get down with Shotgun Blues though. It's just never grown on me.
  21. Thanks for watching and the kind words. I totally agree with you obviously lol
  22. I'm just being a selfish shit about the RSD list lol. I was hoping for releases from GNR, Elvis, Pink Floyd or Michael Jackson and none of them have reeleses :/ I am interested in the Mr Big and Saigon Kick releases but that's about it.
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