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  1. Please Please Please Please Please don't let this thread get filled with more vaccination talk. I get why the question was asked but let's not go down that road in yet another thread. Please
  2. Beyonce and others have done it prior to Eminem but I'm surprised anyone laughed at you suggesting it for GN'R. If anything, they laughter probably came from people not expecting GNR to do something right lol
  3. What a bummer. I have a friend who's a DJ on the biggest rock station in Detroit. He and the station won't give any new music a chance, but they'll be sure to play the same Shinedown song for the 100th time today.
  4. I almost picked that up not long ago. It's so pricey, but I agree the mixes are superior. I can see if my local guy still has the copy if you want. Shoot me a PM if so.
  5. I went through a stupid amount of grape Big League Chew as a kid. I almost started a support group for it lol.
  6. I get what they're going for. It's a reference to Big League Chew gum, I think? Still hideous.
  7. I know a dude who buys every color vinyl and every cover variant. To each their own, I guess. For me, I just want the music. My vinyl collection happens to be worth an insane amount but that's not why I own any of the music I own. I own every record I own for the music. I do have a few albums I have variants of, but each one is justified. Different tracks and/or completely different mixes of an album I love.
  8. Yeah, I can't bring myself to do variants. If there's extra tracks MAYBE I'll pick up a variant but if not, I just pick a cover I like and stick with that. One of my long running mottos is "you don't play the cover". So as long as I have all the music available, I'm set.
  9. I could just put KOHD on from a recent show. I could listen to the first half on the way there and the second half on the way home! Oh snap. I didn't think about that aspect. I keep forgetting that Absurb was played so long ago. Shit, you're right. That would be cool.
  10. I caught that too, but then it being one word was like "well that's something GNR would pull" lol.
  11. It's just such an easy target and way out of date. I take a lot of pride in being from Detroit. I love this city and wouldn't trade it for living anywhere else in the world. I'm the type of person who always roots for the underdog, so it's been amazing to watch everything that's developed over the past decade. Very proud of my city and all the people who work hard to make it amazing
  12. Assuming a new album comes out, I do expect SEVERAL vinyl versions. Here in the US, Walmart and Target have been back in the vinyl game big time. Nearly every big album that comes out has different color vinyl or cover variants at each of those retailers in addition to indie store variants. If GN'R ever releases a new album, I wouldn't be surprised if there's at least 4 vinyl variants if not more.
  13. That's interesting actually.....I wonder if it's actually ready to go for tomorrow?
  14. lolololol what an original joke.....you should maybe do some research on Detroits incredible comeback over the past decade
  15. It's 10am in Detroit. I'm going to debate this all day until 5pm. Dammit. Lol
  16. Pah.....I bet your the kind of person who believes Axl has recorded vocals since '99!
  17. That's one of the best examples of Norm. There's a sea of amazing examples but that one is the one that's like "if you get this, you're gonna love this guy"
  18. I'm not sure where you get your information from, but I read on the internet that there's a 100% chance of Hard School tonight, along with a surprise album tomorrow!
  19. WELL YOU HAD TO BE A FOOL, HAD TO DO IT YOUR WAY! HAD TO BE A FOOL, HAD TO THROW...... wait....you said "old school", not "hard school". My bad, natural reaction.
  20. For sure. I use streaming whenever I'm out and about. I also use it now and again during our Friday night spins if/when I don't have something on physical media.
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