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  1. I'm sure you could tell from my tone, but I was trying really hard to be nice about the album because we try to keep the show positive. But man oh man, I totally agree with you. It doesn't absolutely nothing for me. As far as the channel goes, I'm hoping to start getting two videos up per week fairly soon. I'm still getting my game plan together. I want to make sure it's all quality content without putting videos up just to put videos up. The channel was growing really fast and then stalled completely. So I'm just trying to think of new ways to grow it.
  2. For sure. I certainly feel that way myself. The Super Bowl performance was the same way for me. Nearly everyone I know shit their pants and was like "Wow, how amazing". My take was "Yeah, that's just Prince doing what he does". Both performances are stunning to casual or non Prince fans though.
  3. Exactly. I'm reasonably sure Ron has no idea what State of Grace is but I can tell you this for 100% sure; he absolutely doesn't give a remote shit about it. The idea that this whole thing has anything to do with GN'R, let alone someone yelling unreleased GN'R songs at him is laughable at the very best. I've been super busy today, so I don't know if he ended up releasing a statement yet. If he didn't, I'm guessing he won't do so this week. He'll be tied up with other stuff this week and (at a guess) not even remotely thinking about all of this stuff.
  4. Right on. I never try to speak on his behalf but I can certainly assure everyone that he's fine and the tour cancelation had absolutely nothing to do with someone yelling out GN'R songs. It's hard to say more without coming off as if I'm acting as his spokesperson, which I definitely am not. Hopefully he posts the very well written statement he prepared and everything will be clarified
  5. He had a person ready to catch it down in the first row.
  6. I've heard conflicting stories on that, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  7. It was given to Oprah for a charity thing from what I heard. Yes, he had a person lined up to assist with that.
  8. New directors cut. Different camera angles and better sound mix. If you've never seen this, hit the 3:28 mark for one of the greatest guitar solos ever performed:
  9. Sam Cooke was such a bad ass. 

    1. lame ass security

      lame ass security

      He was, legendary voice and performer. But the circumstances surrounding his death always cast a shadow. 

    2. RussTCB


      Definitely, but going on the music and voice alone....what a bad ass. 

  10. He will most likely be releasing a statement soon
  11. Just now saw this thread: I've never spoken on behalf of Ron, but I do want to put everyone at ease. He is just fine. I assume he'll be making a public statement soon, so I'll wait to see if he does to share more info but I assure you, he is just fine
  12. Well hell, that ended up being pretty cool to have that variant then!
  13. This is probably the most accurate post I've ever seen on this forum.
  14. New video is up, covering more rare pressings from Van Halen
  15. That's really the difference between Michelle and I in a nutshell: she loves Empire Records and I love High Fidelity lol
  16. I saw that but it's all BLS which isn't of much interest to me. I badly want Zakks solo album Book of Shadows on vinyl. I have Book II, but desperately want the first one. It get repressed last year, but they only made 300. It sold out as fast as you'd expect and apparently a ton of flippers bought them because the only ones for sale are insanely priced.
  17. LOL, speculation? That's all GN'R has left anyone with.
  18. No need to discuss the set list predictions seeing as we already know what they'll play and the order they'll play it in. I also don't think we need to discuss the possibility of new music because, lol. However, there are other things to discuss about the next show. What do you think we happen? Will Fortus still be in the band? That seems a little up in the air with all the gear he's selling. Will Slash get back to playing his own solos remotely close to how he recorded them? I wonder if he was so burned out by the end of the last run, that he was just playing whatever he wants. Will Axl be prepared? Dude never, ever properly prepared for a tour but I'm hoping (like an idiot) that this time is different. What else is anyone wondering about?
  19. I bet we came close at one point. Who knows what went on behind the scenes legally over the years
  20. I sure hope anyone using the term "us" when they talk about GN'R lineups means "die hard fans". No one on Earth outside of die hard fans can name more than two people from any GN'R lineup before, during or after the Appetite era. All of this means far more to us forum fans than it does to anyone else. And the fact remains that to this day, the general public only cares that Slash & Axl are there with respect to whether or not they view it as "real GN'R".
  21. I had a friend looking for a really limited a record recently and he tried something I would have never thought of. There were none for sale on Discogs so he sent random messages to a few people who listed it in their collection on the site. He was just polite and asked them if they happened to want to sell their copy for a reasonable price. He actually got a reply from a person who agreed to sell it for a decent price. I thought I'd pass it on. It's an idea I would have never thought of, but it totally worked for him. You might wanna give it a shot, it's kind of a "you never know until you ask situation.
  22. Hahaha, I didn't even think about him wearing the TCB shirt in the video!
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