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  1. @Peleseemed to have missed the post above. Any thoughts on how the vocals above were all clearly recorded well after 1999?
  2. Oh yeah, I'd forgot about that. Here's hoping that's the plan!
  3. Someone pointed out that the drum pattern is Absurd. IF we get HS, my guess (that I stole from someone lol) is Thursday night in Chicago. That we they can surprise release a single the next day when it's the 30th anniversary of UYI. Personally, I wish they'd surprise alvum next Friday but a far more realistic hope is at least one single.
  4. One of my favorite MJ short films that's still on YouTube is Ghosts
  5. If they're going to attempt to retroactively cancel people like Steven Tyler and Axl Rose, I sure hope they're ready to also retroactively cancel nearly every entertainer in the history of music and movies.
  6. Yes. They're the opener for the tour outside of the few shows this missed a few weeks ago due to Covid.
  7. I bought the new Kacey Musgraves yesterday and I was so stoked to spin it. Then we went through so many other records last night that we didn't even get to it lol. New video is premiering right now. It's a lengthy one. I meant for it to be about 5 minutes lol
  8. The is kinda related, but I drove from Detroit to Cleveland for work once. When I got in the car, I had an MJ mix on Spotify and We Are The World was played soon after I got in the car. I called a friend of mine to talk about the song while I was driving and we ended up talking about it for almost the whole three hour drive lol. In any case, when I got to Cleveland I ended up with some free time before I had to work so I decided to stop in at the Rock $Roll Hall of Fame. They rotate through their MJ artifacts but that day they happened to have the jacket from We Are The World on display. I thought it was cool that I just got done talking to a friend about that song for nearly 3 hours, then the Rock Hall just happened to have that jacket on display.
  9. Dude....your grandma is a GN'R insider and you never told us?? Wtf?
  10. Exactly with one small correction: yes, Pele keeps repeating himself over and over but it's not based on a hunch. His claim is based on info from a person he believes to be an insider. Yes, that's a way overused word (my fault) but that's the situation here. Pele spent years (and still does) sending people private messages going on and on about his supposed hate for a self proclaimed insider. Yet somehow, this person that Pele claims to hate happens to the the #1 solid source for GN'R insider information. Apparently the biggest proof that they have inside info is a screenshot of a well circulated, old track list that people have had since at least 2010. But again though, points like yours are exactly right. If Axl hasn't recorded ANY vocals since 99 or the early 2000s, then where on Earth did those other vocals you mentioned come from?
  11. It's such a bad ass song and what a vocal from Michael. It's like my friend says "angry Mike is the best Mike" 😂 Slash on Dirty Diana? STFU, that would have been amazing.
  12. If they would have said "home sweet home" the forum would've lit up with "Motley Crue cover confirmed!!" 😂
  13. Speaking of Slash & Michael: I still maintain that the best solo Slash ever played is on Give In To Me.
  14. Awesome to hear. I hope everyone going tonight has a great time. One thing of note- Please remember to take detailed notes for the forum to post after. This includes, but is not limited to: Exact percentage of rasp used on every song The chances you thought you were going to hear HS beforehand against your disappointment level afterward when it wasn't played How old you were when KOHD started along with your age when it finished If Axl was in a good mood AND cracking jokes or just one or the other The opinion of the people around you of Absurd when it was played The exact number of concert goers who thought Fortus was Izzy Thanks!
  15. I'm so glad you did! I've avoided discussing Michael on here for years because I assumed things would go south quickly. I'm very happy to see and read so much positive discussion Length of tracks is definitely a problem with Invincible. I love 2 Bad as well btw! Also, I agree on Unbreakable and Invincible. I love them both but they are similar.
  16. You mean Indianapolis? And no, we're probably not lol
  17. The short film Ghosts is probably the single most underrated thing Michael ever created.
  18. It's probably going to sound like Jazz Odyssey by Spinal Tap 😂
  19. Until the very moment when I read this article, I was under the impression that human beings were impervious to the effects of age. Now that I've read this earth shaking information, everything has changed!
  20. My guess is the "tonight is gonna be special" social media post happened for 2 reasons: 1) to sell tickets 2) the show is near Axl's home town. Would I love an Izzy appearance and/or a new song debut? Of course. I just don't think either of those things are what the social media post is about.
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