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  1. Rage.....what? Of course human beings sound better at an earlier age. It's a common sense issue, not something that rock fans don't understand.
  2. Those things have nothing to do with rock music, they effect every singer. Also, rock fans aren't stupid and don't need basic things explained to them lol
  3. I need some Dean Martin so I may need to look into that. I have a good amount of Sinatra but no Dean.
  4. Wait. You're not suggesting that tracklist has been well circulated for years are you??
  5. I've always said that I think Axl believes what he says when he's saying it. I don't think he ever says something knowing it won't end up happening, if that makes sense. I think he always has these grand plans that don't work out or he doesn't follow through on.
  6. Yep and he didn't even point right at us. He pointed in our general direction haha. The show was in October and in an arena so it wasn't too hot. I was also 12, so I wasn't drinking. In short....no excuse other than I was just that excited haha Haha, yeah, that's a plus. My mom said I just fell against the person next to us. I'm glad we didn't have aisle seats or I could went for a tumble down the steps!
  7. I don't know that I've ever shared this story here but I'll try to make it brief: My mom got tickets for her and I. It was at The Palace of Auburn Hills, so it was an arena show instead of those huge stadium shows you always see footage of. On top of that, she got side stage tickets. So yeah, we were on the side of the stage but we were WAY closer than a lot of people in the arena. Anyway, here's the meat of the story: when he started Wanna Be Starting Something, he pointed in our general direction. I fainted instantly. Like one of those people you see on Michael Jackson concert film. BOOM, I went right down as soon as he pointed in our general direction. I woke up in the first aid unit of the arena near the start of Another Part of Me. I didn't know it at the time, but I only missed Heartbreak Hotel. They made sure I was fine, had my mom sign some waivers and let us go back to our seats. When we got back to our seats, I sat down for the remainder of the show, holding on the both handles on my chair lol. I could see in between the two people standing in front of me, so it was fine. I *almost* stood up when Billie Jean started but stayed sitting just in case LOL.
  8. I feel like you're dead on. Back in 2002 - 2006, I *never* thought I'd see the day where people spoke positively of Robin. But sure as shit, when he left, a bunch of people posted about the "good old days" with Robin in the band 😂
  9. Oh man....let's get back to the music. While this isn't the show I went to specifically, I gotta tell ya, seeing this tour in person was something special:
  10. That very well may be true. I honestly never looked into the whole time line of Michael's actual day of death. I've done a lot of research surrounding Elvis' time line for 08/16 but I just haven't looked into it with Michael.
  11. Right, but he was alone in that room for roughly 2+ hours when he passed. The idea from the original post was that he was unfortunately long gone by the time Ginger checked on him around 1:30pm. As opposed to Michael who had people with him and perhaps could have been saved.
  12. Being a big Elvis fan, there's a certain era of Elvis that I absolutely love. 1969 - 1971 is "my" era of Elvis. The stuff he did in the studio in Nashville in 1969 sounds exactly like Much Too Soon, so I think that's why I'm so drawn to it.
  13. Of course that 2020 date isn't confirmed in any way, shape or form. Also, there's absolutely no chance the next GN'R studio album will have a new studio version of KOHD on it.
  14. Here's the thing: nearly every tour out there has these type of musicians involved. They just have them hidden under or behind the stage. GN'R has always had the additional musicians out on stage when they employ them.
  15. That plays on the big screen just prior to them taking the stage.
  16. That's awesome that you saw it so many times in the theater. I agree about the freeze frame at the end. The "Love Lives Forever" thing always helps keep me positive though. I do everything I can to spread positivity surrounding his legacy and memory. That "love lives forever" bit always reminds me that what I do is important. I couldn't do anything to help him while he was here, but I can absolutely do a lot to help him now that he isn't. @lilacmessto get back to the music some, one of my favorite MJ tracks over the past 5 years or so has been "Much Too Soon". A beautiful song with an amazing vocal. I didn't even know about it until @Towelietipped me off to it
  17. I totally agree. I love the film and watch it quite frequently. I was just saying that I can understand why others feel differently. For me, I had a weird history with it. I was looking forward to it so much, then a few days before release I got really worried that I wouldn't be able to handle watching it. The first time I saw it in the theater, I was super nervous right up til Michael emerged and started Wanna Be Starting Something. A huge grin went across my face and stayed glued there through the whole movie. I saw it again the very next day and had the exact opposite reaction. I cried through nearly the whole movie. Just from being sad over how he was tested, the fact that he was gone and the fact that he had so much more to give. When it came to blu-ray, I watched it again and had more of a reaction like the first time. I watch it at least once per yet and nearly every viewing is more of a celebration of him than anything.
  18. You're exactly correct on the Elvis situation and the difference with Michael. I agree that he should have made it through that. I also feel the same way about the London shows. I really wish he'd have been able to do one at the very least so his kids could have seen it.
  19. Michael Jackson fans seem very divided on This Is It. Many don't like watching it because of the overall shape Michael was in, and others feel like watching the movie only supports those who make money off of his death. While I hear parts of those arguments, I absolutely love the movie and I've seen it tons of times. I hate the fact that he's gone for many reasons but at the same time, I really enjoy seeing the magic of what could have been with those This Is It shows.
  20. It is because of that version that I cannot listen to ANY version of Human Nature without saying "BAM!" in the right spot.
  21. You can share YouTube videos that aren't GN'R So.....Give In To Me might get dicey due to the (AMAZING) Slash solo, but MJ videos are just fine to share
  22. This is so odd, but so true. For a guy who seems to love Queen, Elton John and Roger Waters, Axl seems to only want to live up to their grandeur and not have any of the fun they did. With artists like Queen & Elton John, the humor is very obvious to see. With someone like Roger Waters, it's harder to find but it's still there. Roger has a solo album called Amused To Death that might be the heaviest (lyrical) albim I've ever heard. Even he found time to put an inside joke or two on that album. I feel like somewhere along the way, Axl decided that everything has to be this big sweeping, super serious thing. Like he wants everything thing that comes from him to be seen as this huge artistic statement.
  23. This reminds me that I did get to see him in concert once, on the Bad Tour here in Detroit. Well, it was actually at The Palace of Auburn Hills, but everyone referred to it as Detroit. In any case, I'm really glad I got to see him in concert at least once. I was supposed to be at the Madison Square Garden show on 09/10/01 but a friend backed out and I didn't want to travel alone. In hindsight, I'm glad that trip didn't work out for obvious reasons. I was really hoping to get to see him one more time with This Is It and I agree with what you said. It would have been his greatest setlist ever.
  24. The album is REALLY divisive. Like you said, you don't like Butterflies and Cry. Then I don't like 2000 Watts but others do. I'm glad to hear the vocals are what pulled you in. I know I said this on the show but seemingly no one talks about Michael as a singer. If you listen to Human Nature alone, I can't see how you wouldn't come away with his vocals being a big focus. (not YOU but people in general, lol)
  25. Towelie is very much joking about me liking 2000 Watts lol. We reviewed Invincible on my podcast. You can find it here, just skip to the second half of the episode if you only want to hear the review: https://www.infectiousgroovepodcast.com/igp-crew-album-review-michael-jackson-invincible/ I've got a few MJ related videos on my vinyl channel with more on the way but here's the video I did on my Top 5 MJ Albums:
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