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  1. How do you guys and Gals store and organize your collections? I ask as i've had to resort to cardboard boxes in alphabetical order with a masterlist of titles i own so i dont double buy
  2. Last album i listened tp in full was Daughtry by (ironically) Daughtry
  3. Last song was Ghost Love Song by Nightwish
  4. Yeah the Malcom one. Obviously fake, but still funny and would of made of a good twist.
  5. On the post he says possibly wembley stadium, as they played it twice and the Freddie show but then goes on to say about Axl joining Elton for Bo Rap. So clearly know what show it is so why add the possibly?
  6. I never rely on the known for sections. Id rather look at their full listings. Get more of a picture, Rather than the highlights. Sidenote: Deepwater Horizon is one of my favorite films of all time..
  7. Depends on the crime. If someone steals a car and the victim has a heart attack die to the stress of the event then its not exactly a fair sentence. But if they shot the victim and they died of their injurys then yes it is Solitary confinement similar to death row. Unlike the whole life people who are fairly comfy
  8. That's a good performance. A pro shot would be cool to watch going by the sbd recording
  9. I've got one somewhere. Like zoso said it's ok but not great
  10. Fair enough. My baby girl has got a terrible case of chicken pox
  11. And what have you deduced so far watson?
  12. No disagreement there, I can't see them doing anything now. Slash and Duff might not have a problem working with Matt, But with how Jealous Matt clearly is, Would he want to work with Slash and Duff after being shoved aside? I know it's only hypothetical, But People never thought the NITL tour would happen
  13. Yes and No. For mundane crimes, no, it doesn't. However for the most deplorable crimes, Such as murder of a youth, War Crimes, Terrorism or exploitation of minors/vunerable, Then yes The death Penalty should still be used. This is a case I'm not overly familiar with, Though reading up what the case is about, it seems that a death sentance is deserving of the crime. However, Given her mental capacity at the time of the crime and at her execution however i think she should of been getting specialist help.
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