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  1. I'm seeing The Black Crowes tonight! I've only seen them once before, in 2011. Weird things is, I've had tickets to see them twice more in the past, but each time I had a death in the family happen. If I was superstitious I'd be freaking out! Anyway, I haven't seen a thread about it, but I'm loving their new album! It's fun, it's full of energy, it's rock'n'roll at its best!
  2. The Black Crowes, AC/DC, and Bruce Springsteen for myself, and accompanying my dad to see Heart. Hoping to get Pearl Jam but that may prove difficult. (All in London)
  3. I really like half of it, but I could do without the rest. ✔️Angry ✔️Get Close ✔️Depending On You ❌Bite My Head Off ✔️Whole Wide World ✔️Dreamy Skies ❌Mess It Up ❌Live by the Sword ❌Driving Me Too Hard ❌Tell Me Straight ✔️Sweet Sounds of Heaven ❌Rolling Stone Blues I pretty much just listen to those 6 songs now. And I strongly disagree with all this talk about how it's the best album in decades or since Some Girls or Tattoo You. Bridges to Babylon and A Bigger Bang are excellent albums. I would put Hackney Diamonds about level with Steel Wheels and Voodoo Lounge, as in fine albums overall with some highlights.
  4. Haha! Nice to see those old emoticons are still here! Unfortunately the emoticon face on fire one isn't here anymore; I was going to do the :fire: Stryder :fire: signature
  5. I get a bit depressed when I think of how much of my youth I wasted reading this forum and cringe when I think about some of the shit I would post back then. But I already left you and you're better off left behind
  6. I recently listened again to the first disc of those Rough Mixes leaks, the one that's meant to be the version of the album that was presented to the label and got rejected. If that is indeed what it is, I find that so frustrating! It's a perfectly good album, even without proper mixing. While I do think the final version released in 2008 is better, it's certainly not so much better as to justify the whole mess that the history of GNR became as a result of that rejection. Although who knows, maybe Axl would have found a way to fuck things up anyway...
  7. Yes, but I was young and fit and hadn't seen them a million times before (and in 2010 the performances were phenomenal). Nowadays? It probably wouldn't be worth it.
  8. I love Monsters so much! I get a stupid smile on my face everytime I listen to it! It's all I could have hoped for from a modern GNR. Best new song since There Was A Time first leaked in 2006.
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