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  1. sounds like you need to find a new band? You have NEVER heard a note of the general. You sound like a troll saying its average. You are the typical "fan" who will complain about every song on it
  2. I actually like the SI. Theyn do justice to most of those songs. If I was Slash, I would not have put to much effort into absurd either. I would be embarrassed to even have my name associated with it. HS is ok and at least sounds like GNR Thats your opinion, not fact. I happen to think Atlas could be a classic
  3. Lazy and slash should never be used in the same sentence. We all know who the lazy one is and why we get no new music. Releasing absurd is the show case of lazy. A terrible song, but thats he has
  4. we love making excuses for the laziness. Pearl Jam has like 30 records, tours non stop, has a diffenernt show almost every night. There is BIG difference in WANTING to do something. Rose does not want to release new music. Its not corona, lawyers, "dont not how to in 2021". etc. Its I DONT WANT TO, period
  5. We saw Alice cooper last night, hes in his 70's. Sounds great and puts out a new album of good material almost every year. Age has NOTHING to do with it
  6. Rumor is the 13 mx comes preloaded with the new album :-)
  7. I like how hair metal channel is mentioning that HS is coming out too now. Just relaying this story word for word
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