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  1. I watched this yesterday. I thought they did really well explaining how his childhood effected his entire life. They mentioned family alot and tied Beta and her family pertaining to how much it means to him and how it changed him. There is not doubt that Axl who came out of hibernation is 100% the opposite the person who went in. It was interesting that they mentioned him going on lithium and how it mellowed him, but he couldnt create, so he stopped taking it. Explains alot of the lack of new music etc
  2. Not sure where you live, but we will be giving them to the general public by april/may
  3. Its just really sad that they cant do anything. or should I say, they dont WANT to do anything. Ozzie just released an album a few months ago, They just stated he has 1/2 of another NEW one on the way. Cooper releasing his 345th album (feels like it, anway) in Feb. So sick of the excuses. Covid doesnt stop anyone from writing a song.
  4. I call BS. They were in control of releasing new music, and keeping the band together. Other bands were performing with orchestras etc and still managed to live. These are all just excuses, and sadly thats the only thing this band has kept consistent through out the years. They are great at creating them
  5. I have been saying that forever. Closed record stores and covid have nothing to do with new music. Its just another excuse that came along to delay something that isnt happening. They couldnt release ONE new song during this time? seems all other bands who WANT to, have no isses at all doing it?
  6. nope, its a good rock and roll album that sounds like AC/DC. Again, proving that its really not hard to put out an album of good material, if you WANT TO.
  7. question 2: what will we get? 1) nothing 2)nothing 3) could be years away with current health crises
  8. Nope. Just another excuse for lack of motivation. It has delayed concerts, but every other band who WANTS to release new music is doing it with ease. New Chili Peppers on the way to now. They could have EASILY released one new song. At this point its simple, you either want to, or dont.
  9. "just because you demand music on your schedule, doesnt mean things are not happening" "just live your life and stop being demanding" Thus not me talking, thats what I get every time
  10. yup! jut listened to it yesterday. It is so strange that they will not release one new song. What could it hurt to keep the interest? Look at the excitement the new AC/DC song is generating. This band is so weird
  11. who doesnt care whats going on in the world? I must have missed those post
  12. I never understand this argument? It sounds like AC/DC music, so it sounds awesome to me. No one wants/expects these HUGE bands to do something different. Compared to new GNR music, which has no sound. Fans want music that sounds like their favorite band.
  13. The sad part is we will get an AC/DC album 1st now that they announced getting back together.
  14. agree. I see many other bands releasing music. Because they want to. GnR does not want to and this was just another excuse in a long line of meaningless ones
  15. they could sing happy birthday 12 different ways, and I would take it
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