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  1. Just give me Estranged on repeat from Stuttgart 1992 and i will be satisfied.
  2. The white shorts, the red and white Axl tennis shoes and no shirt is the surprise for the first leg of the tour. They are going back to the illusion days.
  3. Okay, thank you. I do not have a citi card and I still can't figure it out. I will wait until the 7th when they go on sale to the public.
  4. I don't know.They have all these different packages. It's not like the old days where you just bought a damn ticket. I hovered over the pit section and it said $495 plus fees. I will look again.
  5. Just went on to look at purchasing tickets for the Los Angeles show and they are $495.00 a piece plus fees for pit tickets. They are fucking crazy.
  6. Whats to say they will not release a new album during the tour? Casual fans as stated a million times previously on this board could care less about a new album. I have been a fan from the beginning and the material they have released is so strong(minus Chinese Democracy) that I will continue to attend any concert within a reasonable distance. They do need to desperately shake up the setlist and include more deep cuts from the Illusion albums and it will feel like a fresh show. Axl learning to sing his own songs again would also be beneficial.
  7. Maybe you need to watch more than just the Joshua fight. Let me guess, you never heard of Ruiz before he fought Joshua. If you would have you wouldn't be making stupid comments like the one above.
  8. This is absolutely the case.Do you follow boxing or have you ever boxed? A 3 minute round for someone out of shape seems like a death sentence. Check out a fighter named Andy Ruiz, he doesn't appear to be in shape, but he wouldn't be going 12 rounds if he wasn't.
  9. I was hesitant to watch after reading the comments but I finally gave in and watched the video. It wasn't the best performance but it was no where near as bad as what it is being made out to be and doesn't sound much difference than other performances since the tour started. The crowd was really into it and seemed to love it live. This will not hurt them in anyway. If they can sellout stadiums after the way Axl sounded in Rio in 2011, nothing will stop them.
  10. All the back and forth over venue size is crazy. The band can and will sell out or do 80-90% capacity in certain markets with or without a new album, yes, In stadiums. The songs themselves have carried the band for the past 32 years, not album releases. The only way a new album helps attendance is if it happens to contain some major singles, unlike Chinese Democracy.
  11. They were the biggest band on the planet and it was the best time to be a fan. To actually see a prime Axl sprint across the stage in 1992 in person was something to see. The videos don't do him justice on how fast he could tear it up.
  12. Hey now, nothing wrong with The Eagles or Desperado. I would much rather hear that than The Seeker or Black Hole Sun.
  13. The show was most definitely aired on MTV after the PPV was broadcast.
  14. The band is so big that they could tour for the rest of their lives just off of what has already been released. Nothing that they create from this point forward will hold a candle to what they have previously released anyway.
  15. That was a hell of a fall. Good job recovering at 58 years of age. My GOD where have the years gone. It feels like yesterday watching the Paris 1992 show on MTV.
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