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  1. It’s all very well putting the blame on lack of promotion, management know-how and an aging fan base on the indifference to the release. The tour numbers suggest otherwise. Let’s just admit it - the song is shite
  2. This track has confirmed for me that the combination of Axl and Slash is so, so much more than the individual parts. The production and style is quite grating though. Not sure I could take an entire album of that processed, edited and pieced together wall of noise and vocals. A mediocre deep cut like Garden of Eden rocks way more without even trying
  3. Don’t get what the fuss is about, Hard School is shite, IMO
  4. I played KOHD the day my son was born. Last week we celebrated his 6th birthday and held a party - the kids were playing musical chairs just as it cut into the reggae section
  5. I barely notice the same lyrics on the 3rd verse. The bass and guitars are pumping and it sounds like the first 2 verses on steroids
  6. Drums in the intro sound like the Rocket Queen drums intro on speed
  7. While the delayed lyrics is an artistic choice that adds to the overall ‘chaos’ of the song - it’s a little irritating and detracts from the overall punch IMO. Also - I listened to the live version from Detroit and the little solo duels back and forth between Slash and Fortus definitely add to the song and it’s lacking in the studio version. But overall I like it. It’s aggressive and doesn’t take itself too seriously. And it ticks the box of getting something ‘new’ on this tour. It is what it is….
  8. In the minority here - Absurd is good. Hard Skool is shite
  9. Wish they kept ‘what can I do ?…. With a bitch like you !’ Prob too woke. I like it - it’s aggressive and a banger
  10. Definite punk vibe. Axa should do more new songs in that range
  11. Not a huge fan of Civil War - but used to always love putting on UYI2 and hearing ‘my hands are tied’. It’s that exact moment you know the album has kicked off. ’So many seem so lonely with no one left to cry to’ Don’t Cry alt lyrics ‘Love’s so Strange’ Locomotive outro Entire Coma outro to name a few !
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