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  1. Stormy Monday really is Slash’s Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You moment. Sublime Metal Chestnut at the end has Back and Forth Again vibes - also brilliant
  2. Shame, he would’ve rocked on Born Under a Bad Sign - more so than a geriatric Paul Rodgers
  3. I know I’m in the minority, but for me the production is too polished, slick and predictable. All the rawness that the blues is known for has escaped the arrangements. Even a standard like Crossroads sounds insipid with no edge or grit
  4. A little miffed they didn’t recreate the less polished cherry sunburst look of the guitar. The original only faded to a honey burst look over time
  5. Iconic guitar - always loved that faded sunburst look, way better than polished. And this guitar created so many of those killer tones on the Illusions tour
  6. Killing Floor - Hendrix Any cover after this is futile
  7. Track list and guest spots could’ve been better. Would’ve actually preferred a blues album with 1 band
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