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  1. Not a huge fan of Civil War - but used to always love putting on UYI2 and hearing ‘my hands are tied’. It’s that exact moment you know the album has kicked off. ’So many seem so lonely with no one left to cry to’ Don’t Cry alt lyrics ‘Love’s so Strange’ Locomotive outro Entire Coma outro to name a few !
  2. I’m more interested to hear what Axl thinks of it. If he thinks it’s a great record then we prob get a GNR record at some point. Considering Axl spent a fair chunk of his creative life trying to get away from that sound
  3. It’s gone straight to number 1 in 8 countries apparently. GNR take note
  4. No one really wants to hear an ‘Industrial’ record now - whatever that actually means. The irony is - it would probably sound more dated than an actual hard rock album. All that industrial stuff reminds me of the early 2000s. Doing something different these days is more akin to going back to basics in my view
  5. Great band. Big fan of Richard Butler. The new Psychedelic Furs album is def worth a listen
  6. Looks like Axl might actually keep this thing updated during the tour (and hopefully beyond!). V cool. "So, this is a sound check!" 1 day ago "Relaxing in Taipei, love it here. Had a great time last night! Thanks all for the support." about 2 hours ago www.Twitter.com/axlrose LA http://twitter.com/gunsnroses http://twitter.com/axlrose
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