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  1. 17 hours ago, Andy14 said:





    As for Axl's pizza, I unfortunately can confirm that Arni's pizzas aren't all that great (nothing I tried there impressed me tbh). Guess it's one of these things that you have to grow up with to really enjoy it. Sorry Axl lol.


  2. On 2.1.2018 at 5:05 PM, killuridols said:

    Never read his book but maybe when I have time I get it and read it :shrugs:..... Just like with GN'R, one has hopes that these guys learned something from it and evolved and changed their ways. I really dont know much about Nikki so I guess in this case IGNORANCE IS BLISS :lol:.... all I know is that he had 3 major women in his life and has many children. One of them, a daugther, does not want to use his last name or something and doesnt want to do anything with him so.... that sucks

    The youngest one? I came across her Instagram once and noticed she goes by one of her middle names nowadays instead of her actual first name (which is a "feminized" version of Nikki Sixx's real first name) that she used to be called. I remember reading somewhere that Nikki treated her mother and her brother absolutely horribly, so she probably has her reasons for not wanting to be named after him anymore.

    And all of that happened not too long ago, so I can't delude myself into thinking that the guy is probably a better person now the same way one can do with the guys in GNR if necessary. Most likely he's  still an indredible douchebag.

    On 2.1.2018 at 5:05 PM, Tori72 said:

    I am a little scared of biographies like this. Addictions really depress me. GnR and Nikki Sixx and those people are exceptional examples of severe addicts who miraculously all survived and also did not die of later ruin of organs. So, I don't dare reading those things. It also makes me severely panicky regarding my kids. When I hear that Izzy's mum is so cool and great and likeable my blood freezes in my vains. How can a mum like that not like built up more strength in her kid? Not saying it is all due to mothers/parents but ugh ... Scary shit to me.

    How do we know Izzy's mom is so cool and great? She does seem nice in the couple of stories I've heard about her (letting Izzy and Axl make noise in her garage, buying Axl a Christmas present), but all in all I hardly know anything about her. Did I miss something in the Izzy thread or...?

    But yeah, even kids raised by nice, loving parents can struggle with internal demons or mental health issues (or just plain youthful naivity/stupidity) that lead them to drugs. Scary indeed.





  3. 3 hours ago, Blackstar said:
    3 hours ago, BorderlineCrazy said:

    I've always felt something was going on around that time. Gilby was the opening act on that SMKC tour and Duff put Loaded back together to play one show in Argentina (which according to the promoter, he basically offered himself to play) on March 7, making it some sort of GNR festival. So turns out one or two days later, Axl called Slash, cool.

    Yeah, I remember we were speculating on it in the WT, because they had all jammed together in Argentina (it was Paradise City, I think). The crowd was shouting "Guns N' Roses" and Slash, a little pissed off,  took the mic and said "you've got to get this out of your system". We'd wondered if the phone call had occurred and Slash was acting. A few hours after the show (or the next day) Axl tweeted "Don't cry for me Argentina" and then deleted it  :lol: I turns out that right after that he called Slash. This is all so funny.

    Riiiiight! I had completely forgotten about the "Don't cry for me Argentina" tweet and all the drama surrounding that event. :lol:

    Maybe knowing about so many of his ex-bandmates being in the same place finally pissed Axl off enough (or made him nostalgic and wistful enough?) to pick up the phone after all these years?

    And yes, it's indeed all very hilarious in retrospect. :rofl-lol::facepalm:



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  4. Happy new year, everyone! And what a great way to start off the year with the new Slash interview. :lol: Finally he talks. FINALLY.

    And he's still using the marriage/break-up/bond/etc vocabulary. Good to see that nothing has changed :awesomeface:

    9 hours ago, MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

    I think it's really sweet how Slash refers to Axl as 'Ax'.  :wub:

    Yes, I noticed that too.

    Glad to hear him doing that again :heart:

    12 hours ago, purplestargirl said:

    Did you know that in the Slash interview, Slash said that if IG was around when the band was starting, it would have been fun.

    I'm glad Slash agrees with us :lol:

    It really is a pity social media wasn't around back then. Well, a pity for us, but probably a blessing for them lol.

    Thankfully we have @Andy14 to help us out in that department :ph34r:

    1 hour ago, MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

    Oh, forgot to mention, the other interesting thing: London was asked to comment on whether he has noticed a change in his dad's mood since reuniting with Axl (freaking GREAT question - very bold) and London said he had noticed a change; that his dad was happy and excited to play every show and that he even would still get nervous before going on.  He requires 20 minutes of solitude before each show. 

    Omg :wub::wub::wub:

    That's so awesome.  (And I agree, what a great question to ask!)

    And they're spot on with their assessment of rock music imo, unfortunately. I'm more than 10 years older than they are, but it's the same with most people that are my age or a few years younger. No one cares about or listens to this kind of stuff anymore. I only know a few people who're into rock. Everyone else seems to be into DJs and house or hiphop or whatever...



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  5. 7 hours ago, purplestargirl said:

    Still haven't found that picture of little Duff dressed as an angel. :(  And yes, I know it exists because I've seen it somewhere on the Internet. I would be a happy birthday girl if that was found and posted here.

    He looks adorable and the expression on his little face is so cute and funny.

    Do you mean the picture that appears in the LALD video?

    Duff is wearing a halo made out of silver Christmas tinsel or something in that one. I posted that pic together with some other baby pics of Duff once in the old thread. But like I said, that was just a screencap/edit of the pic in the LALD video.

    If there is another picture of Duff dressed as an angel out there, I have never seen it.

  6. 23 hours ago, Alja said:

    @Oldest Goat I`m not into that fanic stuff, too. It just makes me question... do most people take sex as only form of ultimate intimacy between adult people?

    Like... they never used touch as a way of communication? Or cuddle the shit out of someone to comfort him(her)?

    20 hours ago, MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

    I'm not into fanfic, mostly because I've never bothered to check it out properly, but I would guess it's just a harmless creative outlet for people to let their imaginations run wild.  I don't think writing or reading fanfic suggests anything about how a person values/doesn't value intimacy or sex.

    I can also imagine, and correct me if I'm wrong, that there's more to the fanfics then just the sex scenes.  If most fanfics are written by women, then probably there's a whole context around the sex, exploration of relationship and events leading up to it.  I'm sure they do lots of 'touching' and 'cuddling' as well. :lol:

    You're exactly right, @MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle, most fanfiction is the exact opposite of what @Alja described. Full of the emotional and relationship and ~feelings~ side of things. Of course there is some that's just straight up porn as well, but for the most part the focus tends to be heavily on other issues and sex may or may not be a part of that. Which is what differentiates it from common (straight) pornography produced by men, which doesn't appeal to most women in my experience.

    (Also, for the record, not all fanfiction is about sex and romantic relationships, there's plenty of other stuff out there as well, everything from historical drama to zombie apocalypse to parenting and babies, anything really. At least that's what it used to be like. I haven't really read fanfiction in ages (with a few exceptions), but I'm willing to bet this hasn't changed from when I was a kid.)

    18 hours ago, Blackstar said:

    Tbh I didn't know a thing like fanfic even existed before I joined the WT.

    I've read some excerpts of GnR erotic fanfic out of curiosity. I'm not appalled or anything by it and I think it's harmless, but I just can't get into it, although I enjoy the Slaxl discussion and fun speculation.

    The only one I read in full, prompted by a discussion here, was a non erotic piece titled "Dear Izzy". I read the whole thing although I'd almost figured out what was going on from the first chapter and I found it really disturbing. I think it's a bit too much to make up stories like that about real life people.

    That must have been quite a shock then :lol: Tbh,  it's probably a generational thing. Me and my friends at school were writing shitty Harry Potter and sports fanfiction when we were like 12 or 13 years old. Harry Potter was huge back then, everyone was into it and sooner or later you were bound to stumble across the massive amounts of Harry Potter fanfic out there on the interwebs. And I also vaguely remember Lord of the Rings fanfiction being huge back then.

    About "Dear Izzy"... I read that one too since it came so highly recommeneded as very well written etc. (and it is well-written, at least by GNR fandom standards- GNR is a small fandom so the quality of the writing is pretty low on average) and I found it really disturbing as well. But you're smarter than me, I had also sort of figured out what was going on, but was still shocked by the ending. I'm too attached to the idea of happy endings, I guess...

    1 hour ago, Tori72 said:

    Sebastian Kruger? He met Izzy once. Why didn't he ever do a portrait of him?


    That was in early 2002-2006-ish, wasn't it?

    Just to drop some gossip and see if anyone knows anything more. I hate the Sid portrait for a living surroundings though. He looks dead and I wouldn't wanna eat with that...

    I remember reading gossip or speculation about the women next to Izzy being his girlfriend/wife at the time?

    But I don't know if there was ever any truth or confirmation to any of that.




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  7. 1 hour ago, killuridols said:

    What happened to yours?

    X.mas is coming so it is a good chance for you to ask one to Santa :P (or St. Nikolas?)

    I understand the band is stale (like 99% of the time) and it is boring to talk about them.... but we can talk about long balls, small dicks, big ears and noses and you know... all that per.. err... We can laugh at silly dumb things to pass some time :ph34r:

    Or we could keep debunking stupid people from Tumblr and Instagram, hehehe

    Get yourself a laptop or tablet. You know you need it :slash:

    Harddrive got fried. And yeah, I want a new one sooner or later of course, but I had/have some other big expenses recently and couldn't justify buying a new one when it's not as necessary as other stuff.

    (And all that long balls and small dicks talk just gave me the worst mental images :lol:)

    1 hour ago, MillionsOfSpiders said:

    Disneyland does funny things to ya :lol:

    Personally, I hate Disneyland, I think the place is creepy AF! 

    Edit: lmao look at the one in the middle, she still does that pouting duck face shit even though she's on the floor haha 

    36 minutes ago, Tori72 said:

    Fun fact. When I was a teenager my parents took me to Florida for holidays and we went to Disneyland. I was weirded out. To put it mildly. Everybody acted like a 7 year old and wanted to hug people in Disney costumes. I remember me and my family weirding out Pluto because we didn't want to hug him. Haha. I especially hated that section where they build famous buildings in miniature and it's a complete and utter cliche of streets in Paris or London or cities like that. I literally heard people saying "Oh, Paris is sooo beautiful" and I was internally cringing. Lol. Culture gap right there! I didn't grow up with Disney and it wasn't a big thing among my friends either. I knew all those characters at the time but I didn't care for them. So yeah, Alien in Disneyland. That's me. :lol:

    Other than that I didn't know dicks shrink with age. Is that true, @killuridols? I'm quite shocked. ;) 

    I'm a fellow Disneyland hater as well lol. I went to Tokyo Disney as an adult once just to see what all the fuss was about and wasn't very thrilled. Kinda creepy and very corporate and I had the same reaction to these rebuildings of real life places. But I loved Astrid Lindgren-like stuff more as a child as well than Disney stuff, so yeah...


  8. 22 hours ago, Tori72 said:

    Lumikki, you're back! Well, will you be going in Germany again? Haven't bought anything due to the Izzy situation. Don't really feel like going. Let me know when you know where're you're going, ok? 

    And yeah, Arlett was really hostile towards Matt. Something went wrong there lol.

    I'm thinking on it, but Berlin is pretty far away for me. More than I feel like travelling for these boring old men atm. If they bring Izzy back that would be more incentive for me as well, it would be something new at least to see all 4 of them together on stage.

    21 hours ago, Andy14 said:

    @Hejanne, @Sekh-met and I are waiting for you in Berlin :max:, don't forget we have some work to do :ph34r:

    If you keep saying it like that they'll know and hide away or leave immediately :ph34r:

    21 hours ago, killuridols said:

    :wow: LUMIKKI BACK??? :wow:

    Not sure, still don't have a laptop, typing on the phone is annoying and the band is still not doing anything interesting. Back when this reunion started I would've thought we'd for sure have an interview or sthg with the guys by now, but no...

    21 hours ago, MillionsOfSpiders said:

    My Mum is coming to Donington with me, she wants to see GnR for the first time, what a place for it :lol:

    Oh wow, that's gonna be one hell of an experience for her (or both of you!) :lol:

    7 hours ago, Oldest Goat said:

    Hmm...our faces get wider? *imagines Axl with a Hey Arnold! football head*

    Make it so. @Lumikki :lol:

    Like I said, no decent computer of my own atm, which means no photoshop and no horrifying manips :ph34r:

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  9. 7 minutes ago, dgnr said:

    Princess @Lumikki, you are back :heart: Are you going to any of the european shows? 


    I'm still undecided :wacko:  I'm not really feeling it at the moment and the cities they've announced so far aren't great for me. Guess I'll wait a bit longer and try to get tickets closer to the shows if I feel like going then.

    1 minute ago, Georgina Arriaga said:

    I loved the interview! I like the way she talks about Izzy and his desire of travel separate for all issues with the band.

    And the way she speaks about Matt, tells you is not only an Axl's thing...that was very shocking! She talks with Slash's permission.

    And for Axl's picture, people just have to said AC/DC to found the smile in him....Anyway, at least we know he is alive and in good spirits

    Yeah, I was surprised how openly hostile she was towards Matt. Even when that one host tried to defend him and bring up something good about Matt, Arlette was like "Matt shouldn't toot his own horn so much!" :lol:



  10. 18 hours ago, killuridols said:

    hmmm yeah.... I know most @Lumikki's images stopped working because of that host she was using. Maybe she could re-upload them somewhere else. It sucks we can't have a server where to safely storage them forever.

    I have many of them in my puter but it's a burden to upload them again, hehe.... Some, like the ones I posted, are still storaged here at the forum and that's why Im still able to post them but Im not a paying member or else I'd upload everything I have :shrugs:


    The problem is that it seems like you can't edit posts in a locked thread. So even if I reuploaded the pictures in another place, I still couldn't add them to the original posts. I hate photobucket so much for suddenly deciding to screw all their users over.


    19 hours ago, Asia said:

    Anyone seen this one?

    19 hours ago, MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

    @Georgina Arriaga  Awesome.  It's his mojo.  ^^  Want to see more of this Axl.  More please.


    @Asia YES! I've got 3 images of that. For some reason, someone saw fit to clean up the first two and not the last.  Gorgeous.  Love a bit of Sluff.  




    About these pictures...


    Since I am the original source of these pictures (at least nowadays), I feel like I have to comment on this.

    I saved that picture strip with the 4 pictures of Slash and Duff on bed (with the fourth picture being the one where Slash is bending over Duff) many, many years ago and don't remember the original circumstances anymore (or if there even was any additional info to go with the original pictures). Then that picture strip apparently disappeared from the internet until I posted it again in the original Women's Thread during a Sluff discussion or something and it's been circulating around Instagram and places like that ever since.

    But like I said back then when I posted this picture, I have no clue if that fourth pic in the series is real or photoshopped. I researched this once and was able to find bigger, more HQ versions of all the pictures from this photoshoot, except for that last one.

    So take it with a grain of salt. Or if you really want to know and don't mind feeling like a creep, ask the original photographer if there was ever any actual kissing going on during that photoshoot...



  11. 11 hours ago, Andy14 said:

    Slash: :ph34r:

    "When it was firing on all cylinders, I like to consider it a great rock 'n' roll group on its own merit. It wasn't because of gimmicks. Obviously, it was highly volatile. Now that we're back together, without getting too much into it, we're able to talk about it and identify people who got in the way. It's great to be past all that without having to listen to anybody's input—not managers, not business people. We just do what we're good at, and it's nice that it's been well received."


    This... this is a good sign, a really good one. Thanks for posting that.


    5 hours ago, Kris_1989 said:

    About that Slash quote, it's great that they're getting along but aren't some of those people who kept them apart TB? But they're still around so?? I guess they get a free pass now? :lol:


    5 hours ago, Pishy said:

    well, what I read was, we are going to blame and project the real issues on to others and absolve ourselves, see how long we can go like that. So those that caused problems, including themselves, wont be mentioned. The quote said it all, look how it is phrased. I can almost bet they have dared to blame Steven (Axl) and Izzy (Slash). The business people etc are not who they are talking about, he is saying that no one is there to disagree with their assessment of who is at fault. I'm sure they threw in other names, relationships and some industry people, but it feels a bit fake and dishonest otherwise he would have said we talked about OUR issues and how we got in our own way at times and didn't have to elaborate. 

    Slash is clearly talking about people like Doug Goldstein in that quote (and if we're really lucky, even about the Maynards). I really don't see how people are reading Izzy and Steven into this. Izzy and Steven caused their fair share of problems for them, but they never "kept them apart" and Slash even mentions "managers and business people" in the next sentence.

    The whole thing doesn't apply to TB because TB weren't around in the way they are now during the era of time Slash is probably talking about here (UYI tours). Pretty sure Stephanie Seymour's nanny wasn't a concern to Slash back then. Obviously TB got more influential and powerful later on and did end up playing a significant role in keeping them apart and prolonging this drama, but they can't be blamed for the original issues that broke the band up in the first place imo.

    (And obviously Slash and Duff also weren't going to touch the TB issue with a ten foot pole so soon after they'd just started getting along again. Who knows if they ever will...)


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  12. 36 minutes ago, purplestargirl said:

    Me and Axl, Axl and @Andy14, or me and Andy14? Lol. Or all three of us?   :smiley-confused2:

    I was talking about Andy and Axl, since they already got a nice engagement picture and everything...

    27 minutes ago, killuridols said:

    I once said that to a person who knows Axl in real life and they were like "eehh he's not tiny".


    It mostly depends on which side of the planet you're comparing to. In Latinamerica, a man as tall as Axl is considered normal and no one would call him tiny.

    Looks like in Europe people tend to be taller but that doesn't mean the rest of people are dwarves.

    One guy who was noticeable small was West Arkeen. 

    I'm aware people in other parts of the planet tend to be smaller (I've spent enough time in East Asia to have seen more than my fair share of small men).

    But most of the men I am surrounded by in day to day life tend towards the Duff side of things, so yes, Axl does seem pretty tiny to me.

    Still within the range of normal, but rather small.

    And people like Angus are ridiculously tiny to me. I felt like I could have picked the guy up and carried him off when I met him.





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  13. 8 minutes ago, purplestargirl said:

    @Lumikki How tall are you?

    I'm 170 cm and he wasn't much taller than me. I was nearly eye to eye with him.


    3 minutes ago, Andy14 said:

    I'm 174 and Axl looks a slightly taller in the pic with me but that's because he was wearing the boots that have a little heel and I was wearing flat shoes, so I guess he's 174-5. 

    Yeah, I think his shoes help make him look a tiny bit taller, but in reality you guys are probably the same height, 174-5 cm. Made for each other :awesomeface:



  14. 25 minutes ago, killuridols said:



    Do we know who the woman on the right is?

    She's still around on the periphery of the freak show.

    I noticed her recently in a picture with Vanessa and Sante's girlfriend.


    10 minutes ago, purplestargirl said:

    How tall is Axl? 5' 8" or something? 

    I think that's a bit (about 2 cm) too tall.

    I'd say he's only 174 or 175 cm going by the impression I had when standing next to him and from what other people have said.

    He's tiny.

    22 minutes ago, sanity_lost said:

    Didn't Izzy say somewhere he didn't like barefeet? That he thought it was gross? Or unreasonably bothersome or something? I can't remember if it was going barefoot himself or bare feet in general. 

    Yes, I remember Izzy saying he doesn't like going barefoot because he can't handle grass touching his bare feet or something :lol:

    Izzy's the guy with the foot-related phobia in the band not Axl :P

    (Slash clearly doesn't have one either, there are a million pictures of barefoot Slash).





  15. 7 minutes ago, killuridols said:

    Oh. Ok. It must be that... your maternal instincts.... I have NADA, ZERO, NONE of that so, loooooooooool, must be why I can't see them that way :ph34r:

    I don't know.... it's hard for me though to feel like that about these guys who are way older than me and fully capable of taking care of themselves, Axl included. He's not a baby and he's not impared. He could do something to change his life if he wanted, so I'm having a hard seeing him as a poor little helpless puppy... Truth is... he is not.

    Knowing who are the real people in this world in need of those feelings from others, I can't help by finding silly this whole "protection" thing you guys talk about. I'm not trying to disrespect your feelings or anything. I'm sure you are pretty genuine about all this but from my perspective and my place, I couldn't waste one second pityng the rich people in this planet :shrugs:


    I have lots of it, especially as I get older and more and more feel like I'd want to have a baby, the whole thing seems to get worse in general.

    And "poor little helpless puppy" isn't really it. It's more like I read about Axl (or Duff even) at a young age (like 4, or 16 or even 21 or whatever) and I just want to grab that child and protect it from the world. Or when I see Axl look particularly sad or lonely or whatever, I feel like giving him a hug or comforting him. I guess it's just empathy driven by maternal instinct at its core. Obviously I don't feel that way about Axl all the time, a lot of the time I also want to smack him or I mentally roll my eyes at him, but he definitely has the ability to bring that out in me sometimes.

    And empathy is not a limited resource, so I see nothing wrong with also extending it to "rich people", especially since our guys specifically weren't always rich themselves. Besides, feelings aren't rational and you either have them for someone or something or you don't, so I lose no sleep over that kind of thing.



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  16. 1 hour ago, MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

    @Fang  That's an interesting topic for discussion.  My view is I'm not conflicted about being a woman GNR fan, I guess because I have no problem with their lyrics to begin with.  I'm not offended.  The lyrics reflect their worldview at the time and I'm ok with that.  Their lyrics certainly do not represent my worldview but I don't have to, nor do I want to listen to music that corresponds with only my own ideology.  I appreciate their (or Axl's) honesty even if it's uncomfortable or unpalatable because it shows who they really were at that time, not a sanitised version of themselves.  What you see is what you get type of thing.  Even that horrid lyric in Bad Obsession (one of my favourite songs) 'Called my mother, she's just a c now' is basically showing you inside a junkie mindset i.e. anyone who tries to stop them getting their fix is a c, no matter who they are to the junkie.  There's honesty in that and sometimes honesty is ugly.  Still a great song though!

    That's how I basically feel as well. I'm aware they all were douchebags back then (or at least products of their environment and society), so these lyrics don't really shock or offend me. I tend to look at them from a "scientific" (that's not the right word for it, but I can't think of a better one at the moment) point of view as well. Like I find it interesting to think about how they ended up at a point where they didn't even hesitate to write lyrics like that, or to look at current day Duff squirm when he's asked about the ISE lyrics as he struggles to justify them.

    That said, I don't really ever listen to ISE, UTLH, Back Off Bitch or OIAM. Mostly because I just don't like them though, musically speaking. The only GNR song with "questionable" or "offensive" lyrics that I enjoy listening to is Locomotive.

    1 hour ago, killuridols said:

    What is this protection thing you all talk about? :shrugs:


    I will need an explanation because in my dictionary I can't associate GN'R with that feeling. I can't see any of those guys as victims or weak people who need protection. Especially from women. This is odd to me. I feel nothing like that about them. More so, I should be protected from them :rofl-lol:

    It's the Sinead O'Connor thing again.

    Looking at them in some pictures or videos from when they were young or reading about some things that happened appeals to my (and many other people's apparently) maternal instincts lol.

    Axl brings it out the most in me. I can sort of feel the same way about all of them with certain pictures or stories, but with Axl it's like a feeling that is always there beneath the surface.

    Even with current day Axl, I still sometimes get this feeling, while I don't feel anything like that at all anymore for Slash or Duff for example. Probably because they're grown men in full control of their lives, while Axl is still a mess and still weirdly child-like in many ways.

    I've always felt that way btw. Even when I was like 14 or so, I somehow felt older than Axl and had that desire to protect him or wrap him in a blanket and feed him soup, as Sinead called it lol.

    2 hours ago, killuridols said:

    GN'R is extensively tied to my teenager memories and experiences. It is really hard to get rid of those feelings and attachments because in some ways, they've shaped my personality and who I am nowadays, so I wouldn't feel cool with myself if I decided to not listen to them anymore because of their perceived sexism.



    Yes, I have that problem too. There's an emotional connection there that is hard to get rid of. I even learned English from reading Axl/GNR interviews and... other stuff :awesomeface:. If it hadn't been for Axl, I might not be posting or discussing here, might have studied different thing at university, etc.

    1 hour ago, MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

    I am now off to dig through the archives and seek out this Sluff section.  Woot!  

    I just checked and nearly all of my pics and GIFs are gone in that post :max: I hate photobucket so much :max::max::max:

    I can try to re-upload them for you, but I don't know when I'll get around to that. I'm having a hell week (or rather 3 hell weeks) and hardly have time for anything at the moment.


    20 hours ago, Tori72 said:
    20 hours ago, Frey said:

    Lol don't read the other thread then because over there I started this discussion by saying that I think Izzy aged the worst out of all of them.


    :wow: You really think that? Wow. This world's a strange place.

    I think so as well. IMO Izzy's the one who's showing the signs of the lifestyle they lived most clearly on his face. With all the drugs, alcohol (and nicotine) they were consuming, you'd expect them to look older than they actually are, but only Izzy looks older than he is to me. Slash and Axl (now again after many terrible years) look their age or slightly younger to me, Duff's face is aged like Izzy's, but he manages to distract from that and appear more youthful by other things, like his body and his magical hair :P (and I also agree with the people who mentioned fillers, botox etc., I've suspected that for a long time as well).

    Steven aged surprisingly well too considering what he put himself through, but I was never attracted to Steven to begin with, so his looks aren't very important to me :smiley-confused2:




  17. @Andy14 I love you :rofl-lol::rofl-lol::rofl-lol:


    Alcoholics Anonymous getting involved - Angus Young likes this :rofl-lol: (from now on, it's only tea for these two! :max:)

    Slash wanting to become a scientist  - All the guys in the band laughing thier asses off  :rofl-lol:

    Slash: "Love me some ginger" - Duff: "We all know" - Axl: "Fuck off you fuckheads" :rofl-lol::rofl-lol::rofl-lol:

    "It's photoshopped honey" :rofl-lol:

    The guest appearances and "omgomgomg eat that ass you dumbass!" leading to "Axl Rose is scared" :rofl-lol::rofl-lol:

    Slash pissing himself again - "Procter & Gamble like this" (this is genius lol :rofl-lol:)

    Axl's accidental Sorry lyrics after Slash hurt his feelings - "Del James and Baz like this" and Myles Kennedy liking Slash being annoyed with Axl :rofl-lol:



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  18. @killuridols Good CSI work! I'm glad to know it's not Fernando's apartment :scared::rofl-lol:


    46 minutes ago, alfierose said:

    @Lumikki thanks for posting those photos. I love the top one, Axl looks so young, at peace and optimistic somehow (I know he probably wasn't at all :lol:)

    I may have found a new profile picture if I can work out how to resize it.

    You're welcome. What you describe is part of what I like about it too.

    And yeah, it would make for a cool profile picture I think :)

    28 minutes ago, marlingrl03 said:

    Another band pic.... :) Axl is a bit jealous I think.  



    Never seen this one before, thanks for sharing :lol:

    Poor Axl. That's the same photoshoot where he was also holding Slash bridal style and then Slash turns around and cuddles up to Steven :max:

    Or maybe it was the other way round and Axl grabbed Slash and was ready to carry him off to get him away from Steven :P



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  19. Wow, sad news :(

    3 hours ago, MillionsOfSpiders said:

    Oh no, that's just awful :( 

    I know he had a very rough childhood but he always seemed like a man who held it together well. 

    The poor soul :cry:

    I can't say I know much about him or Linkin Park, but that's exactly the impression I had of him too.

    I was vaguely aware of his rough childhood as well, but he never struck me as a Kurt or Axl type so to speak, where you always worry about that kind of thing in the back of your head.

    Very sorry for his friends and family, especially his children.


    11 hours ago, Alja said:

    I am sorry for your friend and hope she is/will be able to get out of this.

    22 hours ago, Georgina Arriaga said:

    I'm sorry for your dear friend Lumikki...I hope the best for her...

    I'm so sorry for ask...but Axl said that he cut himself? wow! This comment really shock me...it's clearly a signal of a very troubled mind :no:

    Thank you :) She is doing a lot better nowadays. She got pregnant unexpectedly (which was another shock to me because she never wanted children, for the same reasons Kurt Cobain stated before he had Frances- "Can't bring children into this fucked up world.") and now has a 1.5 year old little boy. She's a great mom and the little guy is thriving and growing like a weed. Considering the way she was living not too long ago, she now lives a pretty boring life (in the good way) with her boyfriend and their baby.


    5 hours ago, MillionsOfSpiders said:

    I really hate that too, it really fucking pisses me off to be honest. They suck hp to her and talk to her like she is some saintly higher being or something and everything is wonderful and thank you thank you for looking after Axl :vomit:

    Lol I feel you, but it's not just her they suck up to. I've noticed that with anyone associated with Axl, Slash, the band, etc. Sometimes I get the feeling Instagram is full of morons who believe sucking up to Sasha/Beta/Perla/Grace/whoever else will somehow get them closer to the band or something. :facepalm:




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