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  1. I don’t think so. Axl is like Norma Desmond, his caretakers (Team Brazil), are Max the butler. Axl’s manager was his nanny, as Max the butler was once Norma’s director and husband. I don’t believe Axl is privy to ticket sales, he’s essentially fed lies care of TB. He lives in a Malibu mansion that’s a relic of his past glory. He’s surrounded by his past glory, TB keeps telling him he’s relevant and nothings changed. He sounds great, looks great, fans are eagerly waiting for his return.
  2. Fernando is editing all the videos himself on his Tandy Computer. It seems almost a given that anything we get from this band is a chintzy, low-quality, lowest-case-denomination effort.
  3. This is the version of tomorrow in Spaceship Earth if you choose to live in the city, value your pet, choose to travel by solar power and work to live.
  4. Well, The Haunted Mansion is full of 999 ghosts, there’s always room for one more.
  5. None of that is the result of management or the result of bandmates. The lack of any information, the lack of any involvement, the lack of any publicity or progress is attributed to one mans autocracy. It’s not a GNR thing, it’s an Axl thing. Everyone is just there for the money and everyone knows it all burns to the ground in an instant. No one is ready to cross that line with Axl now.
  6. Agreed, though I think Joe is a cool guy I cannot understand how anyone on Earth could think he is on any level a serious interviewer. Most of his interactions are cringeworthy.
  7. Slash decided to walk away again due to Axl delegating. My guess is after he played for example “Fall To Pieces”, Axl started going into one of his grand delusions of how he wanted the song to sound which was in conflict with what Slash had intended for it. Ultimately they were just walking down two different paths, it seems Axl was not willing to budge on his visions.
  8. We can assume with a great level of certainty based off what we know in terms of what has been suggested by the band in interviews and the fact that we have gotten nothing but lowest case denominator vocals/interaction/merchandise & paraphernalia/etc from the GNR camp. It will likely continue with the possibly eventual release of the next album. I’m expecting nothing more than retooled CD era tracks and vocals with some possible more recent minor vocal overdubs. I don’t think Axl has anything left in the tank creatively.
  9. Yeah and one third of his life was spent touring Chinese Democracy….
  10. Nah, that’s just not accurate. He does sound varying degrees of terrible during his live performances, his voice is just very dynamic and the songs are so memorable that he gets a free pass. It’s not enjoyable to hear him sing. I think the nostalgia and mystique is just so strong. Realistically he is seemingly always unprepared for the rigors of performing at an acceptable level. Few other artists in the known universe could get away with his level of mediocrity.
  11. The question isn’t what Slash or anyone else in the band had done. And I have no doubts that the music is still in the “demo” phase. What has Axl done?
  12. The only guarantees in life are death and GNR not releasing any more new music.
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