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  1. You can already cross January off 2021 just like that. 11 more months to go and we will be discussing the same nothingness slated for 2022. Personally I do think they will have to mention something about an forthcoming album or else they come off as a bunch of lazy wankers. However 2021 won’t be the year for any new released music from this band.
  2. I certainly wouldn’t want any brand-new shots of Pam. I’ll take the 20+ year old ones for sure.
  3. For sure, considering the hands off approach Axl took with promoting CD.
  4. Whatever Axl IS doing, it is certainly not releasing new music.
  5. No, it’s not. He’s saying that it’s not music. He is aware of the interviewer probing him for info on ANY new music from Axl. He’s basically saying that even though you’re expecting me to know something about Axl recording and writing songs for Guns, I know that he’s not. At least from what I could tell.
  6. None of those words are in Axl’s vocabulary. It wouldn’t be possible for Axl to release music.
  7. 20 years just passed since HOB. The first time CD era songs were played, the first time there’s was real hope that bright days were ahead, we would soon be filled with music. Axl’s reclusion set the backdrop for what was supposed to be an exciting new direction in GNR/rock music history. I was so excited, there seemed to be an endless supply of possibilities. I used to salivate at the thought of all the glorious melodies and incredible lyricism that lied ahead......
  8. Mind boggling how fans complain about a frontman that can barely sing and shows complete contempt towards the fans and has no interest in releasing new music.
  9. Well now that the vaccine is weeks away from its initial distribution GNR can really now officially start to think about possibly beginning to consider how to embark on preparing to hit the ground floor and consolidate all their ideas together and eventually at some point maybe recording and completing an album for a hypothetical possible eventual definitive probable in the not-so-distant future or then maybe not in this lifetime but some other point in space and time release of an album under the GNR namesake.
  10. You’ll be just as shocked when nothing happens today as I was when I discovered One Man Gang and Akeem the African Dream are the same person...
  11. Yeah Axl had a “really bad experience” with CD. The label through millions of dollars at him, countless producers, musicians, record studios, and one could only imagine what else. At the end of the day it simply wasn’t such a good record. It sounded like the division of all the parts used to create it rather than the sum. It just sucks that Axl has no desire to create and add anything to the catalogue.
  12. If anyone has theories as to Axl’s perfectionism, CD more than apply debunks them.
  13. It’s kinda surreal that despite all the cash we hemorrhage, the pain we endure, the years we spent spreading the gospel of GNR, we are seen as nothing more than a collective group of “agitators” and we are despised utterly despised by the man we all cherish.
  14. Give me a break dude, yeah that’s the reason there’s no album. Maybe next year when there’s no album someone will figure out that Axl lost a tooth and put it under his pillow and decided to wait for the tooth fairy 🧚‍♀️ to come. The album can’t be released while the tooth fairy is on hiatus.
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