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  1. With GNR the actionable word is always “hoping” or “preparing” or “attempting”, never “doing”.
  2. The simplest explanation here would likely be the most logical and therefore the most easiest explained: we don’t hear anything because there’s nothing to hear.
  3. I could care less if they ever play another show again. Axl obviously has no time to invest in vocal training, practicing, rehearsals etc. He has no respect for the art of singing. He has no respect for fans. Watching his abysmal, loathsome performances highlights these facts. I just want unreleased music. What’s the point of continuing the shit-show so we can pick through the lousy performances to find the songs that sound okay, here and there?
  4. I don’t blame Fernando for his lack of competence, I blame Axl for both of theirs…
  5. I’m guessing that Slash and Duff are staying away from Axl as Axl has next to no desire to be around them outside of touring periodically anyway. The only way this relationship can remain on good terms if this is the case. I don’t foresee the possibility of Axl ever overcoming his hang ups to launch into full scale collaboration/recording mode. You can bet they are often walk on eggshells around Axl, keeping their mind on the money.
  6. The past and the “what if” have no identity. We live in the now. And right now I’m glad that the Illusions are plural….
  7. If anyone in management sees this thread it will only heighten their desire to keep quiet. They love watching us squirm and writhe in pain. They get off on it….
  8. He was the customer on an episode of Counts Customs. They embellished his Lamborghini.
  9. Let’s clarify one thing: the idea that GNR would have released an album last year had it not been for Covid is laughable. There’s no indication any album was even completed. We have tidbits of suggestions from Duff and Slash that they worked on GNR material. I’m willing to bet that Oasis reform and record a new album and release new music before GNR do.
  10. Priceless: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/guitarist_dj_ashba_talks_what_he_did_with_all_the_money_made_from_playing_in_guns_n_roses.html "Oh, ridiculous, yeah. And I was smart - I saved, saved, and tucked it away. And I saved because, in my mind, nothing lasts forever. "That rollercoaster is eventually going to come down and get you prepared for the next turn, and I wanted to make sure that I didn't make the same mistakes as before. "The quarter-million dollars before I blew through because I thought I was rich - it comes and goes, so I learned through t
  11. Nope, we’re all just waiting for another half-assed interview or some monotonous statement from Fortus regarding how close the album is to being released.
  12. They’ll be a new Indiana Jones movie before there’s a GNR album, no seriously…
  13. What kinda argument is that? What if every business was to use this same argument since what they are doing is relatively trivial? Come on dude, but it isn’t even true that Axl “takes his art a little bit too seriously”… If he took art seriously he would actually create it, he would have a willingness and desire to practice, to be at his best. If he took his art seriously, Axl would be wary of his abominable performances. The truth of the matter is, he doesn’t take his art seriously at all, he’s not an artist, he’s an authoritarian.
  14. Anyone asking questions as to his identity should be viewed as a destroyer.
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