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  1. Absolutely. You cannot compare them to any incarnation of 21st century GNR. Especially now, with their incredible catalog. Seeing RHCP is a fucking treat.
  2. I’m in Florida (Naples) visiting my parents. I considered driving to the east coast of FL to see the show but I’m dead tired from the 50th anniversary Disney previews I attended over the last several days. I think I made the right decision.
  3. From what I recall GNR doesnt have the rights to the song. It was never a GNR song to begin with. But it’s the type of track we wish Axl was hoarding.
  4. I like the demo much more, even though it sounds overly complicated I find this version is just too “one dimensional”. Having said that, I’m not crazy about either and likely will never listen to the song again.
  5. There’s no point throwing shade at “the band”. No one associated with any GNR incarnation (after being signed by Geffen I’ll add) has anything to do with the pathetic lack of output. And no one has any control and no say in releasing new music. No matter what nonsensical explanations we get, no matter what excuses Axl and team Brazil can come up with, lack of music falls on Axl.
  6. Nothing is happening on Friday other than iPhone 13 preorders🥲
  7. The journalist probably doesn’t realize that “soon” in GNR terms means probably, possibly, maybe in the next few years or never.
  8. I’m trying to remain cautiously optimistic, we will know we’re fucked when the GNR camp starts using jargon like “finishing touches”.
  9. I’ll take a great Brooklyn style pizza over any pizza I was served in Italy.
  10. Only in the bizarro GNR universe does a band who has reunited over 5 years ago, that hasn’t released an album in 13 years, that sold a tour originally under the guise of “The Next Chapter” then pretended that it hadn’t, released the worst GNR track ever recorded as a single, is unable to acknowledge a completion of an album or release date, has fans who believe something will change after 4 weeks that hasn’t already happened.
  11. The definitive answer would be somewhere between now and never. I’m leaning more towards the never.
  12. Absurd is the musical equivalent of a toilet-paper cut.
  13. All this band needs is some face paint and some floppy shoes and you’re basically attending Barnum & Bailey.
  14. This is certainly the case with any “full-length” vocal recordings we will ever get. It just doesn’t sit well with me that there’s a possibility of future recordings being comprised of nearly three decade-old recordings from Axl’s early CD sessions. Realistically, we just don’t know the breadth of all the vocal material that’s out there.
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