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  1. Gunfight in Abilene, 1967. Bobby Darin, Leslie Nielsen. Pretty standard western, odd to see Leslie Nielsen playing a serious role. He was a serious actor before Airplane, Naked Gun stuff.
  2. Blue Crush, 2002. Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez.
  3. Saw a youtube video of Wolfie playing "Eruption" on his dad's guitar. Perfect. Other people can play it, but Wolfie , well...... just find it and listen to it.
  4. "Damn you Trebeck!"
  5. They were massive alcoholics, and needed to drink in the morning, or whenever they woke up, just to function. IE: Get out of bed. Duff probably shaved on the day of a concert after he had a good buzz on. Shaving sober would probably be difficult. See the movie "Leaving Las Vegas" Nic Cage's charachter goes to the bank to cash a check, sober. He can't sign it, because of the shakes. Goes to a bar, has a few drinks, goes back to the bank and is steady as a rock.
  6. Eddie was my hero. 1st time I saw him was 1984 tour. Then saw him in 1986 front row on Ed's side of the stage, 5150 tour with Sammy. Saw him and the band a bunch of times over the years. I was afraid this would happen someday with the cancer. RIP ED!!
  7. I went to the Kansas City, MO show Sept. 1992. James had a cast on in arm, Metallica got the guy from Metalchurch to play guitar. Body Count opened this show. They were pretty good, ICE-T impressed me. Anyway both Metallica and GnR were great. So glad I took the day off work to see this show, 5 hour drive for me, 10 hours both ways. Made it to work the next morning with about 1 hour of sleep. Going by memory here, but I think originally Axl wanted Nirvana to be the opener. Didn't happen of course, would have been cool.
  8. Chloe - 2009. Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson. Thumbs up!!
  9. Watched "Martha Marcy May Marlene" today. Starring Elizabeth Olsen(the younger sister of the Olsen twins), interesting movie. Came out in 2011. Can't say I recommend it, but its worth a watch. Never heard of it before.
  10. Saw Blind Melon once, 1994 opening for the Rolling Stones. They played "Tones of home" but the rest of the setlist I didn't know. And they did not play their biggest hit "No Rain". From my seat I could see the trailer that the band was in(after their set), and I saw one of the guitar players come out with a bottled water, and he looked pissed. Could be wrong, but it looked like he was ticked off because they didn't play their biggest hit in front of 50,000 people opening for the Stones. This was a great chance to kick ass. Shannon died a year later.
  11. Aubrey would be perfect for Daria. Check out the movie "The To Do List". Funny and a certain kind of hotness.
  12. What made the original Beavis and Butthead great was them making fun of the music videos on MTV. Along with some scenes with them and Mr. Anderson, at school, etc.. Can't do the video thing anymore. I'll give it a chance, love Mike Judge.
  13. ER. Got caught up on it these past few months. Used to watch it for a few years, then lost interest. So now I've seen the 9 years or so that I didn't watch back in the day. Reminded me of what a great show it was. And I love Linda Cardelini.
  14. Top Secret!(1984). Directed by the Abrahams/Zucker guys, first movie after "Airplane" I think. A young Val Kilmer.
  15. Fred Willard, one of the funniest actors passed away ,86 yrs. Loved him in "Waiting for Guffman". Among many other Christopher Guest mockumentaries!
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