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  1. One False Move. 1991. Bill Paxton ,Billy Bob Thornton. Turned this on this morning 20 minutes in. Watched for about 30 minutes, didn't see the ending. How did it end? Fuck spoilers, 30 year old movie. Let me know please.
  2. When the OJ verdict came out, Norm said on SNL, "Well its official, double murder is legal in California ." Rip Norm!!
  3. 88 St. Louis, opening for Aerosmith. 91 ,St louis riot. 92 Gnr and Metallica, Body Count opened, Kansas City.
  4. Saw them in 87 or 88 opening for Bon Jovi. Great performance. I guess Jeff had some drug and alcohol problems. RIP.
  5. Rowdy Roddy Piper biography. 2021. Just watched it. He was great.
  6. The Fury. 1978. Depalma co-directed it. Amy Irving ,Kirk Douglas. I'll give it 3 1\2 out of 5. Explosive ending. Look for young Dennis Franz, Daryll Hannah.
  7. Psycho 2, when he hit her in the head with the shovel. Then he sat down and finished his sandwich. Good movie, with the beautiful Meg Tilly.
  8. Just a couple of weeks ago we found he had cancer. Now he's dead. Screech from Saved By the Bell. I have to admit, I loved that show. RIP
  9. Bite the Bullet. 1975. Western. What a cast, Gene Hackman, Candice Bergman,James Coburn , Jan michael Vincent.
  10. Watched a "Barnaby Jones" episode the other day. 1979 . Buddy Ebsen played the lead. Guest stars, young Sean Penn,Madeline Stowe, Ed Harris. Like watching those old shows and seeing actors who were unknown at the time.
  11. "1917", directed by Sam Mendes. Very intense movie. I need to see "the making of 1917" to see how they got all these camera shots, especially in the trenches.
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