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  1. anything Tool....Alex Grey's amazing.
  2. its a shame the rap/pop-kiddie radio stations had to get a hold of that single....totally ruined it . I hate that. I used to look forward to that track on the album but now I just gotta skip over it...
  3. haha, yes, don't we all here at mygnr just adore the word "soon".
  4. they aren't coming to my city!! and i'm pisssssssssssssed. Plus its kinda spendy.
  5. It's a very good solo, but he really should have mixed it up a little more and maybe cut it down a bit in length, although I do love when Duff just pops up out of nowhere behind him and helps out. i love that part!@ and after when duff is standing up on the drum kit yelling stuff at the crowd oh and I like how we all know exactly what show were talking about without even sayin it
  6. Best tool outro in my opinion is on their cover of Zeppelin's No Quarter...holy shiiiit its a total eargasm. That whole song is just excellent, but you ain't heard nothin until the end of it hits.
  7. AC/DC NICKELBACK Enough said. way to go man But I do like one nickelback song...gotta admit.. Figured You Out
  8. Tool- 46&2 about 3/4ths of the way through....TURN IT UP..it'll blow your mind
  9. August 2nd I finally get to see the nails! YESSSSSSSSSSS!
  10. My mom caught wind of this....and guess who can't go to Poison this summer anymore?? fuck you rikki ya ruined it all for me and bret
  11. Yeah I don't know about that voice...
  12. Anybody familiar with these guys? I just burned a couple of Primus albums and i'm going to see them on friday with a guy friend (huge fan)...What can I expect? I know "John The Fisherman" from Guitar Hero...and the South Park theme song. The other stuff i'm still exploring and its fecking wierd so far. But cool.
  13. here its all repetitive indie/emo....i'm waiting for something really mind-blowing to come around. That scandinavian sleaze hair metal scene sounds delicious
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